On this day I continue the same activities as yesterday

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Hello the steemians around the world healthy greetings from me @murhadi9...

On this day's occasion I spent my time and two of my beautiful girl friends to give free food and drink to the society I was able to be very passionate about in this case so I am happy because I can give some food and drink to the poor because people in the village I really need help then I do this kind of event thanks to the help of my friends who donate alakadar to be able to pass this activity so I will always do things like this me and my friends tireless and tired in order to make good and charity good.

So as long as I know #steemit I can help the poor in my village I am very grateful to my friends who have donated SBD to me to buy food and drink to give to society less able yesterday I am embarrassing activities to provide assistance to the community in the form package of groceries then today I give food and drink because my money was not much anymore then I am for now is in need of help and support from my friends whoever want to menyum bang with to the liver of the heart then we all greatly appreciate the help his.

then in this case I really need and support from my friends all over the world and I need help from, @good-karma @anarcotech @starkerz @bait002 @cryptocurator @stephenkendal @emma001 @talha96.
and from all of my other friends I really need help.


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Good work brother.

Thanks bro..

I always love to see people promoting the Steem blockchain through humanitarian acts. Well done.

thank you very much I always do humanity and I will do the best @anarcotech

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