This is an activity on this evening of a meal together with the poor and orphans.

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Hello steemit friends all over the world greeting respect and healthy regards from me @murhadi9

On this night me and my friends do a meal with orphans and the poor we are very proud and happy because I can make this kind of event because the people in my village life is very difficult and they are just farmers or planters so I and my friends participate to donate and collect money to get a pickle like this then its cost is very much spent to carry out the event like this then we do not consider the cost because we all want to make charity and good intentions to the people the poor and my friends and I the result of our half steemit donate to the community so that they too can enjoy the results of steemit

So in this case me and my friends also participate in hanking a little compensation to orphans in the form of money we put into the envelope so that they can use for other purposes but me and my friends thanks to our cooperation then this event goes with smoothly our program ahead of the event like this we plan more luxurious again from now this is indeed this event that we do very simple in karnakan we are not having so much cost even though this event simple but it will be very helpful for the poor and orphans in our village then in this case we really need support from my friends

I would like to express my gratitude to my friends who have participated to make this event a success and in line with our wishes and wishes
then for the future hopefully what we planned we can do according to desire in this case me and my friends also desperately need the distribution of aid and fund from other colleagues all over the world

By: @murhadi9


Semoga semua berkah dan mendapat Ridha dari Allah SWT. Amin....

Thanks my buddy...

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