Incentivized Sharing-3: Be A Prosperist & Help The Impoverished

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Today is the payout day for another week of "incentivized sharing"

20 More Poor / Hungry Helped Without Taking From Anyone

The total is now 70

Here's a list of the 20 new recipients of a total of 58.48 SBD ($335)

  1. @ormus – 3.23 SBD
  2. @hrhridoy – 3.12 SBD
  3. @aquia10 – 3.13 SBD
  4. @mikewilliam – 3.12 SBD
  5. @darksea – 3.11 SBD
  6. @shencoin – 3.09 SBD
  7. @danielwong - 3.08 SBD
  8. @marygrac – 3.08 SBD
  9. @hensey – 3.08 SBD
  10. @sheman – 3.07 SBD
  11. @kellyrose – 3.07 SBD
  12. @dexin – 3.06 SBD
  13. @hary-falcon – 3.05 SBD
  14. @robrowe – 3.05 SBD
  15. @sherien – 3.04 SBD
  16. @fastgr0w – 3.04 SBD
  17. @tayab – 3.03 SBD
  18. @dexmena 3.03 SBD
  19. @aireal – 3.02 SBD
  20. @justdothat – 3.02 SBD

Total -58.48 SBD (USD 335)

Here's How Some Of The SBD Awards Helped The Poor

  1. @tayab distributed rice among the poor and hungry:

  1. @sheman paid for the treatment of some of the sick patients in a clinic:

  2. @fastgr0w shared SBD reward with school children:

  1. @kellyrose shared her SBD reward with her poor classmate

  2. @darksea shared SBD with impoverished Syrian children living in the neighborhood.

As I said before this is what accountability means to a Prosperist:

Those who used the payout are advised to mention in a comment how they used the pledged SBD.

Let's begin another week of "incentivized giving"

Those who want to become a part of the Prosperism movement can volunteer to give 75% of their SBD reward to a good cause. As a Prosperist your humanitarian activity will be supported by 100% upvote from me. You will have to clearly mention in your comment:

"I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person"

Be A Prosperist & Join Us In Changing The World :)


PS: To ensure maximum SBD rewards from my upvotes I spread my upvotes over several days


today i am pleasure to tell you that i shared my rewards with out sbd reach to 8$ because in our city we are have a plan to make a welfaire clinic for poor persons and many persons helped for it and we bought some clinic things and small machines still need many things but hope we all work for helpf poors treatment in this small clinic and these some people who help for this clinic and hope will hlep more
i pledge i will share my rewards with this welfaire clinic to treatment for poor paitents


Good to know @robrowe that your helping poor patients in the welfare clinic. Here are some more SBDs for buying medicines for the poor patients. Cheers :)

i am happy to shared my rewards with childs to gave them mosquito nets.
one net cost is 5usd, and shared 3 nets and hope next time i will share some more
I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

@fastg0w mosquito nets afford the children protection agains malaria. So keep up the good work with more SBDs. :)

i joined steemit 6 days ago and still not recieved any rewards in my account and have 0 sbd in my wallet, i was pledged in your last post first time adn recieved upvote from you but still nor recieved rewards bcz my comment is only 6 days old but i am happy and excited to help some one who is in painic and really needy with your previous and next rewards sir
I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

Hi @sherien the payouts take 7 days, so you do have to wait that long to get the SBDs. So here are your SBDs to share with a needy person next week. Cheers :)

good man and we already help others and shared some sbd to others and first with my friend his leg is damaged in an accident and he have no source of income in these last 3 months and have a family so i try to help him always
i pledge i will share my all rewards which i get from you to my friend family

@ilyonse: Sharing my influence to reward SBDs for helping your friend in his difficult time. :)

i am happy to see your continusely efforts for poors @sharonomics sir and i also got 3 time rewards from you and shared with my classmate to add from my pocket money and some get from my father and this is i am doint from last year and now you rewards are help her more ,,i intorduced her steemit and told her about steemit earning part and invited her to create account but she is some poor and dont have a computer but i promised her to give her a smart phone to start steemit work and now i am happy that my goal in this month is to provide her a mob or some small computer for her proper help to work on steemit
i pledge that i will share my full rewards with her to buy a computer or mob to work on steemit and will earen

@kellyrose sharing with you my influence to help you help your friend with a device that helps her generate some income online.

when we help some one its give so muc relax and good feelings our souls and we want to help them more till to solve thier all problems
i shared my rewards with add some more money from my pocket a tayolr who is really not poor
but in these days much needy person because he spent his all saving for his daughter's treatment
she admited in an hopitiol and docotr recomended medicins for her treatment which are some
expesive so i was shared with him
srue i will help him for his daughter and will help him more
I pledge to share 100% of my SBD reward with him for his daughter

@mikewilliam: More SBDs may help cover some of the hospital costs. Good luck :)

so nice to see how this project its growing from the first time @valblomqvist and me made our fist share !!
we are collecting rewards for our next share !! Will be a Surprise !!

OK @ormus this one is for more surprises. Go help out a needy person and you wll be blessed. :)

i specially say you thanx that you are on a good mission for all those who are needy and in famine problems we 2 days ago i went to my mom relatives they are some poor because some of rainy prblems last summer and now this time have not thier own house thier house drowned in flood last year and now this time live in poverty ,,,, so i think they are some needy this time and me and my mom went to met them and gave them some clothes for wearing which i thing maybe they cannot afford this time
I pledge to share full of my SBD reward with at least one needy person or again them

You got the SBD reward @hary-falcon: for helping the flood victim. Let us know how it works out for the needy. Good luck. :)

thats great to hear that in last week 20 person got and hope every one used thiere rewards to help some needy persons
last time i told you about a charity in my parent home town pak in my birth place city and my father and family also support that charity ''FIF'' so they provide my family a box to put some money in box and after month they collect and help some needy persons and i sent you photo in you previous post of box,, my family put some money every day in that box and i also send around 200 to 250 usd to my father for this charity every month and i said you taht next time i will send you photos that how they used this and 2 days ago my father send me a video that he went a village so far from city area with the charity team and helped the orphan childs as orphan program to give clothes and some thing for winter wearing and this this is gif from video


I pledge to share 100% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

Good work @shencoin. Here's my influence to help you keep the good work going. :)

today i went bazar and see this lady who begging for his small childs and she was saying his husband died and not have no source of income so i shared with my rewards around 5$ with her and got many prays from him
so again i pledge to share my 75% rewards with atleast one needy person


@tayab: Widows are the most ignored members of our society, particularly in developing countries. Our influence may help this widow. Share the SBD and let us know how it goes.
Cheers :)

thanx you so much and i am happy to get rewards from you for my brother study and now i think i have much for his full year study in my wallet and now i am also ready to give and help for some other who is also needy outside from my house and sure i will share your next reward with anyother person again thanx for help us and for all those who need your rewards
now this time I also pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

I am glad @marygrac that the SBDs did help out your brother with his studies. Good luck in spreading more goodness. Cheers :)

its really pleasure to say you thanks for a good idea to to share your rewards in every country with your followers who belong from different countries and share rewards and help needy persons today
i shared my rewards with an girl who was my class felow but she left her study from 3 years because she had no more sources to continue her study and also have not more money to get her good wearing and shoes so i decided to give her some money that she will buy some things as she want
and i call her in my home at lunch and gave her some cash and she was really so happy also i was happy to share with her sir
I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

Hi @hensey,
You got the SBD reward for helping our your poor class-mate. Would love to know how it works out for her. Good luck. :)

always thanx to you from the bottom of my heart to give us a path to help for those who need us and our money and things which they dont afford i told you in your last post how i helped that old man to gave money his doctor for his treatment
and now i also talked with my friend in my office and told him about people and said him to help poors with me and i am so glad that he agreed me and we both had put a small budget to provide some food to poors who need food and we bought some dry food that they will cook in this bags we put some differents things for 5 families 2 days food
I pledge to share (100% of my SBD reward+some from me and my friend) with needy person


@sheman upvoting so you share your reward SBDs with the poor who is in need of help. :)

its really good that you doing a great work for all poors in whole world with your followers on steemit platfarm and i am happy to be make part of this work with you ......I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

Allright @chrisaiki let's do this and use our influence to help someone in need. God bless you.
Cheers :)

Today, I gave 2 € to a young woman in the street of Annecy.

I have shared my previous sbd reward with poor children and would like to do the same again. Sry for being late. Right now i am busy with my exam and i will stay busy untill the end of this month. But i will love to be a part this so "I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person."

Good luck with your exams @hrhridoy. You can help more children with the SBDs that you get from this upvote. Cheers :)

Hi @sharonomics. I'm glad this initiative has been continued. I'd like to join again in this week's incentivized giving activity. "I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person."

Go for it @denski. Help a needy by sharing your SBD reward. :)

Hi @sharonomics. I'm very sorry for not replying to this post on time. I had been inactive here for almost three weeks since I lost my password when our computer bugged down. I'm glad I retrieved it now. Anyway, thank you for the SBD reward. I gave it to the little girl wearing blue striped t-shirt through my mother. She is our neighbor in the province. She lost her mother when she was two years old because of cancer. Right now, it's her father who is taking care of the five children, she being the youngest. Her father is an ordinary laborer earning $4 only when there's work to do. My mother gives her milk or lets her eat meals in our house for almost five years already. With this SBD reward, my mother was able to buy additional packs of milk for her to drink. Thank you @sharonomics for continuing this initiative. God bless you more!

helping others and needy persons is world great job and i pray for you to continue on this work forever
I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

I shared my prize with an elderly person, and next time I hope to share a little more needy people with more of the award SBD A 75% share I promise


@aireal: Take care of the elderly with SBDs from my upvote reward. Cheers :)

your work is to much great about help of needy person..........I pledge to share 75% of my SBD reward with at least one needy person

@brightbingo: When you receive the payout please let us know how you helped someone in need. Good luck :)

It’s good to see people sharing 😊

My account has more than $ so .500 $
sent. I will try occasionally to help your

Continue your work. I'll always be with
you. He talks May God bless you. @sharonomics

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God blessings never leaves the kind people..... Keep on the good work. God bless you real good

You are doing great man . I hope your efforts would be replicated by other dolphins and whales on steemit .

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your chart is very impresive.... i think it is your best post... i impressed to see your writing skill...

you can help....Screenshot_2018-02-16-19-18-10-68.png

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helping others and needy persons is world great job and i pray for you to continue on this work

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