Rethink Food, Karton & Non-Plastic Drink Rings - 12/12/18

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Rescuing food is an important facet of our societies which ensures less waste, less food going to landfills and feeding people who are not as fortunate as us. The charity Rethink Food NYC has committed itself to this goal with a different twist. They take leftover food from restaurants and remake it into free and cheap meals. At the restaurants, bins are provided to collect the food and they’re collected daily in Rethink’s refrigerated truck since most participating restaurants refused to use their employee’s time for it. They coordinate with Food Bank NYC and deliver meals to the location which needs it on that day. The hilarious part was that restaurants and farmers hadn’t donated in the past based on the belief that they would be held accountable if the food was contaminated. The irony was that this had actually never happened and was an urban myth. To guarantee the fact that it wouldn’t happen, Rethink had them sign an indemnification agreement to take the burden off their mind.


Karton Group wants your cardboard. Starting in Berlin in the 80’s, being introduced to Australia in 2011 and now in the United States, Karton’s ambition stretches decades but is really quite simple.


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