I have to take a nap! The only charity bot on Steemit @treeplanter never sleeps but your support is bigger than I am able to satisfied. Thanks a lot!

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You are so great. Greater than I was expecting. My current Steem Power (20k) allows me to satisfied donations of value approx. 20 SBD every day. But you are donating more. Which is so great and I seriously appreciate it. Unfortunately, it means there are more and more donations which cannot be processed on time and it creates the queue which is becoming longer and longer. It makes few of you annoyed which makes me sad. I am the only charity bot on Steemit, please look at me a bit differently. I am not making it for my personal profit but for better value - I do plant trees in Cameroon to save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest.

my coordinator @martin.mikes with his small tree planter Jesus

Thank you so much for your patience. Immediately all upvotes are processed I will let you know, so you could start donating again. You do not really need to be worried because all donations of expired posts which I will not be able to upvote on time will be refunded.

If you want to help me in longterm, please delegate me any amount of STEEM POWER which makes me more powerful therefore I will be able to plant more trees, therefore, to accept more donations daily.

If you want to support our effort in different way check this out: Call to action: let´ s save a mountain forest in Cameroon! Charity giveaway + special photocontest for 10 SBD!

Thanks a lot to @czechglobalhosts for this initiative!

I wish you a nice day!


Awesome initiative. Love to see new innovation platforms making a social difference!

Keep up the good fight! =) Your doing much needed work! You'll benefit greatly in the future!

Yeah Mon good works!😀 brother up full gratitude to @treeplanter 🌲🌲🌲

great work ........DQmRCo1i8CLXj86qNZvp9vwJEYDBHGkLabWCYh6mL4dDjp9.gif

Kudos ,good job sir ,keep the good work up

I think this could be expanded to service way bigger!!! I can help @calebotamus speaks for the trees🌲hire more people find more places to plant more trees hire people to upvote for u and and to help post pictures of trees planted! 💚Make it big let's reforest the world @steemit

Yes, this is exactly our plan. First of all we would like to plant 1,000,000 trees in @kedjom-keku to save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest. If we achieve that we would like to spread the world with trees planted by STEEM! But we need your help to do that. For example, SP delegation would help a lot. ;)
thanks, @martin.mikes
coordinator of @kedjom-keku and @treeplanter

hello, @treeplanter I come from @tuanis, who had written me in my post, in the end I am very interested in helping you with my minimum vote so you can plant trees.
I really like your initiative and you have my support, even though my help is not much, write me anything thanks.

The work of your entire team is impressive. I wish you thousands more successes and I support this cause 100%. @treeplanter

Amazing job and i will keeo helping you, I an a minniow myself but My plan ie get bigger and help ideas like yours, CONGRATULATIONS

Upvoted for mentioning me in the title. :p