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I've been on the Steemit.com platform for almost 3 years and I decided that Today will be my last day using it. 🙇

After the shit show Justin and Tron caused in the recent weeks with the takeover of Steemit.com, I'm 100% over it. 🤷‍♂️

Does this mean @STACKIN is leaving the Steem Blockchain? Heck No!

Starting right now, I will only be using trusted websites such as Busy.org, Steempeak and Appics to post my content on the Steem Blockchain. 🙋‍♂️

If you haven't made the transition as of yet... I highly recommend that everyone do it ASAP and make SteemPeak, Busy, and Appics apps your main focus from now on.

I've lost 100% complete trust in the TRON Team and with their recent actions... they cannot be trusted in my eyes. 🤦

I'm just sick of all their lies, deceit and shady ass nonsense. 🤬

Regardless who's right or wrong, I made this decision based on my personal beliefs and reasons.

Stay Strong Steem Community, a lot of drama is happening behind the scenes.... Lets see if we can get out of this shit show in the next few weeks. 💩

Join The "STACKIN 🔰10X Life Community" Right Here... I will start posting most of my content there in the near future.

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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@stackin i am glad that you will still be active on the steem blockchain,justin sun just keeps getting me angry with his malicious intents...

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Don't worry, I'm here forever until I die HAHA

Yup, i did the same when Justin got the sock puppets voted in. But, i am still learning how to manage witness votes from these other front ends. I only knew how to do it from the steemit wallet.

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Tons of emotions this past week... it seems like who has the big dick contest! EGOS at play LOL

I have do the same thing leaving steemit.com forever...

Steempeak and busy are awesome :)

I am here at https://steempeak.com/ now... It is far better and user friendly than steemit.com.

I am trying since today to use Steempeak , do you know how we see the hot posts ? I usually see hot posts on various topics including steem, but not able to figure out.

I need to figure it out also.... I'll let you know what I find ;)

eSteem is the shit

Yeah, I need to jump on that one soon :)

I came here to cheer. But then I found out you'll still be here.

Ha! Just messing with you.

Damn it... LOL... Don't worry, I'm going to be on steem forever haha

Dont quit just yet.

Just steemit.com not the other websites :)

@stackin I've been catching up with developments so will look at doing the same, just need to check out steem peak and others

I have done the same a few days ago... SteemPeak rulez!

Totally agree!

Argh, I need to start using Steempeak exclusively too but I've found there to be a few things that I do not like about it. For one, it's slower because every action needs to be approved individually (can I change that somewhere?) and it seems that you can't use umlauts or emojis in the comments, an error message comes up. My millennial ass needs them emojis!

Yeah, I know right? I love emojis! LOL .... Im learning a lot with Steempeak and I'm getting use to it. Its pretty badass!

We need to start using out words, that is so much harder! 😅

Edit: emojis work when posting through phone!

Meee noo speakkaaa good engwishhhhh :( lol

I only communicate in pictures.

Yo, this SteamPeak front end is amazing! Waaaaaay better than Steemit's! Made the switch too bro! It's crazy we started at the same time and we're still here kicking!

I agree with you 100% :)

What happened? Can someone update me on what the TRON team did?

Its a shit show haha

I’ve also today made the switch to Steempeak. Sorry Steemit, it’s you not me.

I usually use the desktop version to blog, use the mobile web version to write comments and do all my reading.

Last question, do you know what happened to Partiko? I can’t find a reliable answer and it was just like they stopped communicating overnight. Strange.

Mannnnn i miss Partiko! No one really knows, they been missing in action for over a year lol

So weird they didn’t just hand it off to someone or made it public so development could continue.

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just stuck this here as i like to read with some back ground music :)

Let me get some weed out first lol

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