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It's been a about a week since I talked about Steem Monsters. You know how it is... I tend to get busy and distracted with my everyday life kinda stuff. 🤷🏼‍♂️

No Excuses, Right Charles? You got the right, I'm back talking about the game so lets start giving away some Monster Booster Packs! 

There were some news came out Today that you can start buying "Monster" packs with BTC, LTC and BCH. This is a good thing as it will help people hold more Steem and SBD in their possession.

Here Are The Simple "STACKIN MONSTER" Contest Rules: 👨🏼‍🏫

  1. Follow @STACKIN on Steemit.
  2. Post a *Comment about Steem Monsters.
  3. Must *Resteem this post.
  4. *Upvote This Post (only if you want). 🤣
  5. I'll Pick THREE (3) WINNERS by Random.

How simple was that, pretty easy right? Tomorrow, I will pick Three (3) Winners based on how good and/or creative your comment are.

The game is growing on a fantastic pace and so many people are just dying to play the game when it comes out in a few months... so start "Stackin" those decks!

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.

*Stay Tuned for my weekly "STACKIN Steem Contests" where I've givin' out $1,000's of Steem, SBD, and Merchandise to fellow Steemians!


The thing about Steem Monsters, is I don't have a clue how this might be played. I'm an old fart (59 today!) and have never played anything like this. I played a bit of D&D growing up and have played some role playing computer games, but have absolutely NO CLUE how this might be played, should I always level up?, how do you figure out a good group to do battle?, etc. I don't know what I don't know, so I don't really know what to ask...

Check out @steemmonsters, they have lots of info there and join their discord group 😀

You know how I said that I will not get into it because I was afraid that I would get addicted to it.

So I held out, then I said I was just going to check the monster, then people in MSP kept talking and talking about it and it felt like highschool again and you are the only one that is still a virgin and watching porn.

Then people were buying, trading and giving away booster packs like it was condoms before spring break that you had to get out of the room.

Then you saw the map discussions and the new monsters being discussed and then you heard that that they were lore building so you decided that it was a good time to be involved in the creative process because of all the Magic the Gathering, Yugi oh/Pokemon/Digimon and Dungeons and dragons you played that was a factor in your virginity so might as well use that an make up for that year.

Then you got yourself into the Discord, joined a lore building team and being so into the project and was tired of being the only virgin in the room so you snuck out and joined a party, saw this hot brunette who said she was into it.

She marveled you with her assets an boy was it nice to look at, you could not take your eyes off it! It was an epic rack!!!

A tiny voice in you whispered "let's do it" and you because you are dizzy with all you have heard, seen and being around so many awesome epicness that it couldn't hurt.

You went into the room and whipped out your Steem and slowly entered it into the hole provided.

It asked you one last time if you want in. Next thing you know you you blow you wad and is now empty and spent and you are no longer the virgin in the room.

You have popped your Steem monster cherry bit unfortunately no epic and legendary!!!

So here you are hoping your man Stacking will hook you up with the next sensation of opening a fresh pack of booster to use and have that feeling again hahahaha.

I would be happy for any epics you are not using because I still don't have any!! Just my rotten luck hahhaha


Here is my entry and comment for SteemMonsters as Video Intro,
Is about Layna w/ Dragon getting ready to battle!

You know as Girl Power, Hope you all like it!

My name is Eve and I feel very privileged to be here in this network, Thank You!

(press on image to see video)

Alright, so some new development on the monster front here. Most recent one being that now you can use BTC/ETH/LTC for buying packs. I am pretty sure that this will give a nudge to the sales. Payment gateways are always good :-)


Totally agree, you got a good shot of winning some free packs from me this time 😂

Thanks man, that'd be great!

Eat your heart out crypto kitties! muahaha @steemmonsters ftw

The truth 😎

Rips off my shirt STEEM MOSTER BOOSTER PACKS!!!!

Better have a six pack under there, the Steem Ladies will love it HAHA

I'm @snook and I'm a horrible comment writer unless you are in need of advice. As far as I know, you are not in need of any advice but this could be because I don't know you that well.

Steem Monsters is a game I have bought a few packs for. Okay, more than a few. Each time I get a few I tell myself that this is the last time. Hmmm..... want to guess how well that went?
Yeah, pretty much like what you are thinking right now.

So I will leave you with that thought in your head and if you ever find yourself in need of some advice feel free to ask away and as long as it doesn't have to do with Math or BOTS I will see what I can do in the advice department!

Happy Saturday to you and Hope your Sunday goes well too!

I'd love to get new cards and add them to my collection! :) #hoping
Your generosity is overflowing @stackin! Thank you so much for always sharing your blessings with us Steemians! ♥

Well, I can help you choose winners, I promise not to choose myself :D
I'll leave the game to ya'll men, ''players''as always #rollseyes

Pshhh, I did a contest for women only last month hahaha :)

I'm extremely patient, waiting for the next

Hi from Germany @stackin long time ago please help me with some infos about steem monsters best regards Lars ( I'm not active in gaming so this is new for me .... )
Thanx 😎

Howdy! I literally tricked my friend into drawing a #SteemMonster for the SteemMonster art contest. He was feeling down and discouraged. I designed a mysterious challenge with a limited amount of information and a deadline that required a commitment before knowing what the project was.

He isn't too familiar with SteemMonsters yet so I decided to kill like 5 birds with one stone and make him productive!

You can see his Lightning Dragon and read his post by clicking here!dragon
I call it a baby Lightning Dragon! I think he did a great job under all the stress I made him endure. It may have been one of my best master-mind moments and what better cause than to inspire creativity for the community!

Steem On My Friends!

time to collect some cards ;)

I'm glad that they are opening up different avenues to get these cards. I feel like the next step should be talking to animation studios or even small scale merch trials. Then we'll really see this taking off


Thank you for this opportunity :D These little monsters are highly addictive!


I spent my whole life savings haha jk 😬

Just got my first Packs today, would be dope to win more! 😄💯

Awesome, did you get anything good? :)

Got my first legendary (: How many packs have you STACKED?

I lost count, in the hundreds 😂😅

so stoked on steemmonsters and its potential, ive bought about 25 packs myself, and while i still havent gotten a legendary i got some gold cards, and some cool epics. stoked to see how i can use them!

Yeahhhhh, those legendary cards are so hard to come by but once you get one, you be like 😳 🤣

Just finished the SteemMonsters set today. Now time to get the entire Gold Foil set. Lol yeah right..... but I will try......

That’s going to be tuff, I only got like 10 golds 😂

I got 38 so far, 3 Epic's, no Legendaries....

Please what's #steemmonsters all about..... Someone gimme light please?

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I just opened my first pack a few days ago. I got the rare card below in it and 4 commons.

Slowly but surely we WILL get some gold foil cards! We are determined!


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