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Quote of the day: Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day ~ Jim Rohn.

What's up STACKERS!

What a typical week in the Cryptocurrency Markets, tons of ups and downs baby! Wasn't that fun or what? I'm made for that type of action! 🤣

So you know what that means, lets end this crazy week with one of those awesome "STACKIN Contests"! Instead of guessing the price of Steem this time, guess the price of Bitcoin Instead! 👨🏼‍💻

Here Are The Rules: Win 10 STEEM For The Guessing Bitcoins Price!

  1. All you have to do is Comment, Resteem and Upvote (if you want) 😬
  2. Guess the "Price of Bitcoin" will be on exactly at 4:00 PM PST Time on January 13!
  3. The Last Guess stops at 12:00 PST PM Jan 13!
  4. Only nne WINNER without going over will win, No Edited Posts!
  5. Winner will receive 10 STEEM! BOOM! 🏆

I'll start the contest right now with my guess, my prediction will be $15,109 at 4:00 PST PM on Jan 13TH! Yes, I will be able to Win my own contest. 🤣

The ending price of Bitcoin for the contest will be taken from coinmarketcap.com, even though its not in "real time" I'll be sure to take a screen shot exactly at 4:00 PM PST. 📊

Like I said before, more contests are coming down the road, it's just taking me longer than expected. I'm currently getting T-shirts done, Coffee Mugs, Pillows, Mouse pads and anything you can imagine. 💁🏼‍♂️

Once again, thanks for all the support! Remember all these contest and giveaways can't be done without my fellow Steemians! 

Good Luck STACKERS! 💞

P.S. For those who are interested in following my "Daily Activities" that I do in very "short form". Follow me here: @charles-fuchs



14800 $


let's see what happens :)



I don't want to play to your contests anymore :D I never won :D

You better try at least 😂💖

hmmm .. 14,355 $ hahha !

I hope it closes at $14, 356 haha JK ... 🤪

lol !!! is it has to be really same digits .. ??? 😄 haha

You went over by $3! haha ... final price was $14,352.80!

hahha... I should win .. because my guessed was closer ! !!.. 😂haha

$15,210 I feel a bullish market after that over sold BS the last two -three days

Check out the markets now, cray cray haha

c'mon 16k 🎲!😄

Better put some other digits after that 16k unless it hits $15,999! HAHA

I think point 2 is wrong. instead of bitcoin says steem. 13,040. 🤞

Keep stackin!

I love your contests.
Very nice for the community!

My guess is $ 15.355 ;-)

Appppresh @infinityroad! Good luck bossman! :)

$13,754 🤞🤞🤞

Cross those fingers tighter haha ... good luck man! Thanks for stopping by :)

Papa needs more Steem so let's go for 14543!

That’s what I’m taking about haha


15 132



Posts are very good friends ,,, I like, help my blog vote yes

14,211 for Bitcoin, but since your rules still say the price of STEEM... 5.89 for STEEM, just to cover all the bases.

Thanks for the heads up, price of bitcoin 😎

$11,11 ! Upvoted and resteemed :)

Happy new year Charles!


Sorry I have no idea.....

12,500 for me


Lot's of great guess so far, keep it up :)

just playing around;)

@stackin A wonderful place!The meal looks delicious.
I want to go:)


So when should I be expecting your deposit? 😁

Well my guess is it will around 14,720 usd

$14,445 is my guess


Know it ...Nice post ..
Carry on. ..
Best of luck

my prediction is $14416.

My prediction:
$ 14,327

Good luck to all! ;-)

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14200$ is my guess

Nice sharing


Wow nice post
My steem dolar $8.051
Thanks for sharing


That's my guess mate!

The price of BTC will be: $15,284

$1416. 👍👍

$14,865 I guess

I guess it will be $15 444..

The best post, please help me follow and voute


This guy winning his own contest haha! $14, 892

I think that the price will be $ 14050

It is easy, $14888.32 ;P

15.610 USD

Darn it. Over sleep and missed this content a little over an hour.

My guess is $15,225

$13,885 :)