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Winners never quit and quitters never win ~ Vince Lombardi.


You guys know what day it is.... It's Super Bowl LII! 🏉  The Patriots and Eagles are about to face off to see who will take the title home. So let's make this quick, you have about 2 hours to make a guess and choose the winner and pick the exact scores of the game to WIN 5 STEEM!

Here Are The "STACKIN" Contest Rules!

  1. All you have to do is Comment, Resteem and Upvote (if you want) 
  2. Guess the Winner and the Score of "Super Bowl LII" exactly and Win.
  3. The Last Guess Stops at 3:00 PM PST. TIME FEB 4TH!
  4. Winners will win 5 STEEM EACH!!
  5. Have Fun Guys!

My "SUPER BOWL" prediction will be 24 - 17  PATRIOTS!... you just can't mwss with Tom Brady, the dude is the Greatest of all Time! 😎  

Alright, Let's have some fun and I'm looking forward to your answers! 

The Winners will be announced tonight after the game, Last guess is at 3:00 PM PST TIME SUNDAY! That's about 2 hours from this post and absolutely "No Cheating and editing after 3:00 PM PST", I will drop a huge flag on ya LOL 🚩🤣

Good Luck Everyone and Keep On STACKIN! 💕


It was a great game and all offense. Brady played a fantastic game except at the end when he was sacked.
I wanted Eagles to win just for fairness and another team at the podium.
Keep on steemin'

It was a hell of a game! :)

28 -24 eagles i guess.

Dang missed this contest. Keep stackin’ Charles...

****Patriots/Referees 31- Eagles 27****

That was funny 😂

So who was the winner.. I did not watch it..

eagles by 13
patriots 28
eagles 41

41 - 28 Patriots with the win. Lol

You are very close except you pick the wrong team. Whoa !!

bro we won lol

40 - 17 Eagles..

You could be the winner, Eagles won.
It was a good game though. It was pure offense.

30-17 patriots will win.
Well, I'm not an american, I know nothing about bot teams and I don't even know the rules of the game lol.
Still, here it goes!

It's fine, you might win haha

31 - 23 for Eagles..

I'm just here to support your post - I might miss the game altogether — I'm on that overkill grind lolz...

Same here, maybe ill just check the score later online haha

Patriots win 28-24

24 to 17 phili .. hopefully lol

So many people don't like the Patriots I guess haha

Ya meh to those patriots, I'm an old school 49ers fan lol.. but I will be going to some raiders games once the get closer to us. I don't follow football as much as I did when I was younger and playing it. What's your call on the game just for fun?

You're in Vegas? I should get some season tickets haha

24 - 17 PATRIOTS, Brady is a leader :)

Bummer, I missed the guessing cut off. Good luck to all! Thank you @stackin!

No worries, many more to come :)

Patriots will win, 25-17.

I don't know jack shit about the game like @yato but it'd be fun to see if I win.

Same here haha... good luck :)

Eagles 26-21
Not that I know anything about football!

It's ok, most of the guys here think they know "football" but don't haha

I wanted to comment something... but i'm from europe, we dont have that sport here... what now? Can you do one about soccer xD?

Just make a guess 😂😂

38-16 Patriots win, if i win this ill feel bad for not knowing the sport xD

Totally fine but we know what Steem is haha

Eagles will win I think. They should be because I need 5 STEEM :D

Gotta have the score man :) lol

Yes it should be harder than I think LOL :D
31-25 bro.

Patriots Win 35-20

@stackin i won your contest two weeks ago on icon (icx) current price. Where u ask for the current price of icon at 6pm which i guessed 8.92 and i was correct but till now, i have not received my 5steem or anything..... I followed d rules of the game, i upvoted and also resteemed..... So y am i not rewarded???

Winners never quit and quitters never win
Your way of sharing post is very nice with these great words i appereciate you thoughts and your work i wish you all the best

Smh smh 🤨🙄

Lol, stacking your reply is very funny 😂 😂, he totally went offpoint right? 😂


You've got massive patience with these guys hahaha...

I am a Nigerian. Super bowl sounds French to me.

I can hear the pity screams.

Too bad.

Good luck to all you predictors.

Patriots win 24 - 16 😎 let's see how it goes 😀

patriots 21/17

Patriots 23 - Eagles 17

I Just came back from the future! @stackin

Eagles win 32-24

22/17 eagles

i think 23/18 patriot

28-18 Eagles

Phllie Wins 28-24

well i hope it will be ptriot 19/16

hmmm eagles will win with 24/19

patriots will winner 22/16

My guess is it's Patriots 26-21 😊

eagles with 20 - 17

et23/ pt20 eagles

Patriots Baby!! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

my winners eagle 24/16

34 - 20 Patriots

I am happy for the Eagles. Never been a Pats fan, just thought that Brady would be to much for them. I am glad someone took them off the throne.

hahah nice i think patriot will win 26/21

27/22 sure patriot

Eagles wins by 44-30

Patriots 28 Eagles 22

PATRIOTS will win 22-14

I guess 26-19 Eagles.

27 to 15 patriots.... And thanks for the contest @stackin @dee-y over and out.

26-17 Eagles

Pats win 32-24

25-16 Eagles

Patriots 32, Eagles 30

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Eagles win, 32-18

Patriot - 30
Eagle - 25

Eagles win 25 - 20

Patriots 31 - 28 Eagles, Go Patriots, about all I know, Is Tom Brady

Eagles will win. 25-18😎

Eagles 24-20- hahahah. this is great I never know this game.

38-17 Patriots win

20 Patriots - 17 Eagles

30-26 Patriot wins!

28 - 24 Eagles

Anybody but the patriots!!!!! 24-21 Eagles win!!!!

Eagles win 38:23

Eagles 34 Patriots 28

patriots win 27-19

17-14. Patriots

Nice right up my alley. 31-21 Pats. Everyone enjoy the game. Its tuff to pick exact score should use combined score like the betting places for next time. 👍

Good Luck Everyone :)

@stackin 30-24 Patriots :)

Have fun!

Patriots win 29-14

Eagles 27-17 :)

i'll go eagles! 28-20

I think I'm too late but I'm voting for Eagles 34 - Pats 26

26-17 Eagles

i dont know sir what is the problem i have naver won anyof the contests


25-17..Patriot wins

they already won it missed it :/

23 - 15 Eagles

31: 17 Patriots

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