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If you want to "WIN" in life, you have to get out there and get it done. Success does not happen overnight but with patience and hard work, anyone can achieve massive success ~ Charles Fuchs.


Guess what guys? It's one of those days when I do one of my Famous "STACKIN" Contests where you guess the price of a Cryptocurrency and win some Free SBD! 

A Fellow Bossman and Steemian @GrantCardone decided to offer my followers to "Win" 50 SBD! So I decided to offer a "STACKIN 10X Contest" for the next 5 days to make it fair for everyone! Yup, that's how we do it. 😎

One winner will be chosen each day to win 10 SBD! All you have to do is guess the price of a particular "Cryptocurrency" that we pick for the day.

So what is Today's "Crypto" pick? Let's Go With STEEM!

Here Are The "STACKIN" 10X Contest Rules: 

  1. Follow 👉🏼 @STACKIN and @GrantCardone on Steemit. 
  2. Must *Comment and *Resteem this post.  💯
  3. Guess the correct "Price of STEEM" will be exactly at 8:00 PM PST.
  4. The Last Guess Stops at 6:00 PM PST. FEB 6TH!
  5. One (1) WINNER without going over will win, No Edited Posts!
  6. The Winner will be announced tonight and receive 10 SBD! BOOM! 💥 

The main reason why we are doing this is because we want to build the biggest like-minded community of people who support each other and have fun doing it. 👨🏼‍💻

I also want everyone who comments to follow each other (only if you want). You just never know what kind of new and awesome relationships you can create on Steemit!

So let the contest began, just be sure to "Comment" just once and don't be boring with it. You have til' 6:00 P.M. PST Feb 6th Tonight to make your guess. ⏰

If you edit your guess or spam comment... you will automatically lose, get flagged and even worse... get muted from us forever, so in other words just don't do it.

I would like to thank @grantcardone and the 10X Team for making this possible. If you are not following him, you are missing out big time! 

Good Luck STACKERS and 10X'ERS. "Keep on STACKIN"! 💞


$4.07 is my guess!

This is pure adrenaline rush.
I will go with [email protected]
Keep on steemin.

Stackin STEEM lol

Great contest...

My guess is 3.30$ for STEEM


3.90$ is my guess.

ahahha .. 10X special round ... lovin it :) my estimate is 3.23 $ as prices keep dropping towards the end of day recently. IF you wouldda ask for a longterm prediction of course I would have to 10X the 10X :)

Don't tell people the secrets haha

My guess is $2.99 for Steem!

Good luck :)

Yeah I seen where he sent you 50 sbd

3.48$ :D I was 2 cents off EOS last time so wouldn't be surprised if it goes 3.50$. My guess will be 3.48$ though.

Couple of pennies last time haha ... will be doing 4 more of these this week, your odds just went up :)

This is a cool thing you are doing @stackin.

I wanted to ask a question. You were talking about canva.com in your yesterday's post. How is it used. Do you have to download the canva.com app?

You just have to go to the website, I don't think they have an app :)

My guess is $3.93!
Thank you @stackin and @GrantCardone for sponsoring this awesome contest! :)

My gues is $3.78. Let’s see where this is going:D good luck everyone!

Price of Steem $3.42.

My guess is $3.87.

Hi, my guess is $3,04.
Goodluck everyone

Steem is $3.38

$3.42 You know I'm never gonna guess a price drop.

That's smart to do haha


Is cool to make allies like him, my guess will be 3.50$

@stackin My Guess is $3.67 according to JACKIE........

My prediction for the price of STEEM is:

$ 3.59

My guess $3.43 lets goo 💪

$3.98 :)

I'm guess that steem price will be between 10 and 15 USD this year

How much did @GrantCardone pay to get on the criteria list?

Also: Price of Steem in what? BTC or US-$?

My tip: 3.01 US-$

Hi, my guess steem is $3,57.

$4.31 is my prediction

steem is $ 4,79 ......

I think it will be $3.58 for Steem

My price is 4.01 dollars

My guess is $3.62

My guess: $3.33

I am guessing $3.23


Hoping it bumps back up this week...

My guess is $2.8... Hopefully it goes beyond Lolz @dee-y over and out

my prediction is: $3.46

My guess is $4.19 for steem

wow, 10 sbd are a lot!

Steem will be 4.03$

3.59 is my guess
all the steps has been done :)

I will go with 3.63!

Thanks for hosting!

This is my layman guess.

4.00 !!! I'm sure of it this tim! I opnen ed my third eye to tell me the future!

Am really not good in guess but it should be up to $5... So to say

My guess is $3.55%

My guess is $3.51.

have a great day and good morning from Thailand

$3.64 I see growth but its going to be very cautious growth for a while I think Still a great buy in point which is why I just picked up another 500 + steem on Poloiex (if they ever release the damn thing!)

@bitcoinflood what you mean release ? Does poloniex have the wallets locked ?

Its currently in "temporarily Disabled" but over the last like 2-3 months it just constant with them I dont get it but highly annoying.

My guess $3.43 lets goo

My guess would be 3.58$

Don't know if I will have beginners luck - as this is my first time in such a contest - but my guess is $2.90 !!

3.46$ hope that's right!

This is interesting! Let cryptos exercise their expertise! ;) As for me, I think it would be $3.16. crossing fingers

My guess is $5.56 USD for Steem!

i respect charles fuchs because he is a great person... and i gain some knowledge from your post... i want to see your this type best post.. carry on....

What does that have to do with this post? 🤷🏼‍♂️

My guess is $3.48 since it resisted $3.52 😁

I'm going to leave the last guy a couple cents space $3.04

mi holy prediction is 2.55$

Upvoted, Resteemed, Followed both.

Let it be $ 3,22

My guess is $3.5 for steem

$3.60 and up up and away!!!

My guess is $3.72.

My guess is 3.69 @ steem. Tq

well done bro
it`s great idea

Le guess is 4.32!! 'I'm optimistic!

My guess is $3.89 for Steem.

Okay, I'm guessing $4.44 :)

My guess: $3.77
Following both 😉

Thanks guys!

the value of the steem is at $ 3.87

$4.11 is my guess stackin' :)

My guess is 3.14!

My guess:- $3.85

My prediction is $ 3.41

I think I'm not wrong and I'm sure that the price of Steem will be 3.65

$3.63 binance translation of eth price. Where will you be getting the price from?

Price will be $3.73

Waoooo...just seeing this...a very nice and intresting things...thanks man...i hv to resteem this😍

I believe, if the stars do not lie to me XD, that the Steem will be worth 3.40 USD

@stackin Steem is $3.89.my guess

Man a lot can happen in 2.5 hours but I'll say $3.67. What happens of there's a tie?

$4.05 is my guess

my guess for steem is 3.71$

i think it will 3.61$

I predict steem will be $ 4.32