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"People who win usually have to play the game to have a shot" ~ Charles Fuchs.


You're probably already tired of all my "Steem Monster Card" posts but you know what? It's currently the hottest thing on Steemit right now ad it's fun! ♨️

So let's giveaway some free Monster Packs! I'm going to make it simple and pick Five (5) Steemians!

All you have to do is Follow @STACKIN, Resteem and "Post Your Favorite Card" in the comments area! 🃏

I'll announce all the Winner Tomorrow afternoon! 💁🏼‍♂️

Keep on STACKIN! 💞

P.S. For those who's interested in following my "Content" and "Daily" Posts... you can just follow me @stackin to get my updates.


I want to purchase some SteemMonsters, but is it safe entering my private key on their website??

Good luck to the participants! It is a good opportunity for men also win and not say that only women are win lol XD

My favorite card would have to be Serpent of the Flame because my Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Snake also the serpent, or snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. The word is derived from Latin serpens, a crawling animal or snake. Snakes have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to humankind and represent dual expression of good and evil. Honesly this card should be Legendary but that's none of my business. Lol

Serpent of the Flame.png

Looks mean 😳👺😂

My favorite card has yet to make the game.

My favorite card so far. @clove71 told me it's the only legendary summoner... Definitely got lucky with this one I've only bought 14 packs.

I only have 5 of them, I want yours haha :)

Lol, I saw your collection.... It's crazy! Wish I could afford to buy more.

Probably my best card. Now I have 2 of them. Resteemed.

Nice Man! Getting powerful everyday haha

I do not own any cards but if I had to pick one I would definitely go with the Haunted Spider, because I raised tarantulas when I was younger and absolutely adore spiders. Maybe one day I will have more.....

I mean....who doesn't love zombies? uuuurrrrrrrraaaaaagggghh

File Jun 04, 7 57 50 PM.jpeg
I like the Angel right now! When I get a Higher other leveled card that will change maybe lol!

Oh snap, a level 3! Heard they can only go to level 4 🙌🏼💪🏼💯

Yes, Thomas G just blasted his Level 4 Elemental Phoenix legendary!

I'm so doomed in a tourney...That is just sick though!

He looks powerful though I am on level 1, I am hoping to win to increase their level. :)


My favorite since you gave me one of this. :) ♥


I want that alric stormbringer! I've been collecting him a lot lol

Sent! ;-)

You the best, I’ll send some others to ya later tonight 😬


Nice! I love these colors!

Thoughts on this one? :D

It’s an ok one haha

Followed. Resteemed. Noticed that there was no request to upvote. Therefore, didn't upvote as if it were part of the contest to figure out how to qualify. https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@sutter/the-lord-of-darkness-is-the-coolest-looking-steem-monster-card-in-my-opinion

Charles @stackin my Favorite STEEM MONSTER is

If I WIN this Contest I'm Goin' to Make All Kindz of Gains !!!

Best of the Best spirit

That was my last card to complete the set, it's pretty hard to get :)

Here it is just opened it last night!
Selenia Sky.png

Damn, I want another one of those lol

Dude looks just plain mean 😂

I like this card, because i don't see any other card to be a healer.

She looks like a person that I don't want to be healed from hahaha :)

Yeahh hahha.. don't judge a card by it's cover hhha. 😂
welcome to Steem Monsters warghh

Excellent work @stackin! You know how to pick 'em, everyone knows that the ladies have the real wits... and two wallets!

Akox chuckles while sticking up his thumb

I still do not have a favorite letter because I am new to steem and I could not buy any package, but if I had a serious this. It reminds Me too much of obeslic the tormenter of Yugi OHimage.png

Elemental Phoenix.png

I like the phoenix best, being re-born again from its own ashes. Never giving up even after losing everything!

I guess this one is it for now :) As it came in pack 1 :)

Oh you lucky guy.

Done following and resteeming! Here's my favorite card so far because of the design and I love fire type monsters even in other card games like this.

It’s one of my favorites! I’ll trade ya 😂

This is my favourite card in my collection:

I only have one Legendary card (Frost Giant) But Alric Stormbringer looks like he has a lot of wisdom ( with age comes wisdom) and also a lot of Magical powers! Love the purple flame and staff with the green orb.
If I could choose one I would pick Lightning Dragon:

I don't own this but hopefully soon. Lightning Dragon is also older (I think) and you can tell he/she has been through some very rough times. Look at the holes in those poor wings. Definitely a fighter! I think Alric and Lightning Dragon would make a great Duo!

Alric Strombringer is one of my favs, I almost got him to level 7. I'm such a geek lol

I am leveling him up too! he's a 6 80/200 So exciting!!! He looks powerful AF.

Should trade me for yours haha

I have one too

It’s sort of like growing your monsters for the big game coming up

I’m such a geek at heart 😂

This is the one and only Legendary card I have, so it has to be the best one.

My favorite is the Golden Dragon because it reminds me of Bitcoin LOL

Here is my best card:

Proof of owner ship:

That "Golden Dragon" is that good lookin card everyone likes :)

Ha ha! thanks man :-)

I have been following you for a while, so I knew about your steem monster cards craze and although I saw your posts but I thought that they were out of my reach and didn't pay much attention. But as fate would have it, I too joined the club around a couple of days ago.

"........You're probably already tired of all my "Steem Monster Card" posts"

  • No way I am tired of your posts or steem monsters for that matter. The more the better. In fact I made my first steem monster post yesterday :D

My best card so far!

gold dragon.png

it's just for fun and it's not addictive, they said ... not true!😜

Edit: PoO (Proof of Ownership) that I forgot when I commented before.
Welcome to Steem Monsters .png

Agreed, it's the best looking card in the deck! haha

Haha my best card is... "thin air", because I don't have any

I'm going to see where it goes once theres some tournaments and then I might scoop up a few

Yeah, get a pack at least! You might get a legendary card worth around 10-30 SBD! :)

Here's an update:
Swamp Thing.png

I like it because my favorite color is green, its an epic card, and it's a part of the forest.
Thanks for showing me this

NICE! I like this one! he is a killer!!

Wow I definitely gotta hop in now lol, thanks for the heads up

The start pack is now 30 cards for $5 (paid in steem or sbd). They are going to cut it to less than 30 soon so if you have the money you should jump on it before they cut it down.

I didn't know about the reduction, thanks for the info

This is my favorite card :)

Everyone loves gold haha :)

My favorite card is 'Defender of Truth'.

I still do not have cards

My favorite card is the "Twisted Jester" :D

My favourite cards is the legendary "Lightning Dragon"

None of the other cards cares about the truth as much as this guy does. He will defend truth with his life! @ironshield

This is my favourite card right now, but I still don't have it on my collection.

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me encanta que nice

I will show some love to the hard working miner ...

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