Achieving Checkmate w/ Only King & Queen | Chess

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Hi. My name is Rebecca Taxman with Chess NYC and I'm going to show you,
today, how to checkmate with the king and queen. First, the king; now
sometimes, people are at the end of the game and they're, like uhh, I'm
stuck. How do I checkmate with the king and queen. So, this is going to
give you a quick tutorial on how to do it quickly.

To start, just trying to checkmate with just the queen is not going to
work. Let's take a look. If I come here, check, the king runs away. If I
keep getting closer to the king, the king can still run away. Even if I
bring the king into the middle of the board, he has an escape. There is no
way to checkmate with just the queen.

So, let's bring it back. The queen's partner, the king; these two need to
work, simultaneously, together to checkmate the king. The best way to
checkmate is by creating a knight shadow with the queen. What I mean is we
want to bring the queen a knight's shadow or a knight's move away from the

The king has only a few options now. He is cut out from five squares.
Therefore, whatever move the king makes, the queen follows that move. If
the king goes up diagonal, the queen follows up diagonal keeping the
knight's shadow. The king moves over, the queen moves over one step. If
the king goes up diagonal, the queen goes up diagonal. The king goes over,
the queen goes over.

Now, the king is trapped in the corner. This is where we stop. We bring
the queen the next step, the king is going to be in stalemate. So
therefore, we want to give the king a little breathing room. Let him have
a space to move. And now, we bring our king.

The king is going to dance back and forth, as we march our king towards the
queen. And then, we are going to create what's called an in your face
checkmate. The queen is going to get in the face of the king and it's like
in your face Mr. King; checkmate.

This is checkmate because the queen is looking at the king and the king has
no squares to move. If he tries to move to G8, its check. If he tries to
move to H7, its check. It cannot capture the queen because then it would
be next to the king and we know that that's illegal. And, there is no
piece we can put in between to block a checkmate. Therefore, this is
checkmate. And, that's how you checkmate with a king and queen.


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