Ned Scott on Cheddar TV [NYSE]

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Hey! For those who missed it live. I recorded it and uploaded it to youtube.

the example they used when someone was trying to post something but got the "you may only post once per minute" error, haha.

Remember to share the video on your social platforms. :)


@ned nailed it. Great interview! Steemit CEO on Facebook live, haha. I love it.

Thanks for posting this @acidyo! =) Damn @ned, you really nailed this one!! I'm taking notes, your answers are about as clear and succinct as one could imagine. You've clearly had some practice by now. ;) Again, well done!

I agree with what he says about being more organized, definitely something I should work on myself.

most definitely! I went on a huge cleaning and organizing spree today too.. haha.

I like the "rewards users through digital points called Steem" approach to explaining Steemit. This separates us from the "be paid $750/day processing emails" scamsters.

I enthusiastically agree, the "rewards users through digital points called Steem" approach to explaining Steemit is an excellent choice of words.

Hi @acidyo
Thanks for the video, I posted the link to all my friends on facebook, to try and convince more people to join. Hope they don't remove the link.

Hey! There are no ads in place from my side thus I don't think anyone has a reason to take it down. If cheddartv want to post it themselves on youtube or steemit I can remove the video from view and edit their link into this post instead.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

An interesting interview. Thanks for sharing, I would have missed this.

Thanks! Will definitely check it out when i wake up! ♨🖒♨

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to watch. Following. Stephen

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its awesome to have him as our leader here :D

Thank you for sharing:) Ned is very good at this sort of thing.