Chess: Forced Mate in Six Moves

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I've had this shown to me on chess tactics apps but this is only the second time I've been able to use this sequence to force a mate in a real game. This was while playing somebody in the app. These screenshots are from the self analysis mode after the game was finished. I'm playing Black.

I'm not sure what White was thinking playing Rd7. Was he just waiting me to take his rook? There's a much better move.

Nd3+ reveals the queen to place White in check. The knight is safe. It doesn't matter that it threatens the rook. Ne4+ would also have worked but it's fun to place it on a position that looks vulnerable.

White has no choice but to play Kh1 to get out of check as the pawn is covering the adjacent square.

Nf2+ places the king back in check. The knight is safe. Notice that he is blocking the queen once again.

White has no choice but to move the king back to g1, where he once again lies in the queen's path.

Playing Nh3+ allows the knight to safely sit on a square covered by white's pawn, with the queen providing the check as well.

The king once again has nowhere to go except h1.

Now here's the big penultimate move for black. Play Qg1+ and sacrifice the queen!

The knight protects the queen from the king, so the only way to get out of check is to take the queen with the rook. This is not a good position for the White king.

Knight to f2 mates with the king unable to move at all!

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