Another Free ChibiFighters Giveaway and a Boost for you Minnows!

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@willbeonceagain8 won 2 Billion Goo! and @owen121 won a Free ChibiFighter, that double steemit/twitter paid off... Enjoy your Assests Guys!

Free ChibiFighter

Let's giveaway another Free Chibi! Here is your chance to play ChibiFighters while its still in Beta.ChibiFighters doesn't fully launch before May 12th, so this is an exclusive sneak peek for those who don't have a Founder Chibi. You have to do all the steps to enter this contest. I will validate all contest entries.

  1. Follow me on Twitter (if your not already)
  2. Like and RT Our Tweet
  3. Comment on the TWEET with your ETH wallet address

Here is a Boost

From time to time new steemeans ask me how to pump up their steemit accounts. Minnow Booster lets you sell your vote and delegate SP for consistent returns. I have my vote selling power set to 95%, so if I'm away from steemit and my voting power gets over 95% they will sell my votes for me. This insures that you don't waste voting power. Plus, you will get curation bonuses from your votes. You can also set it up to upvote your comments. The Minnow Booster system will help you grow your SBD from all angles. Here is a steemit post with detailed instructions


very cool

Chibi fighters looks very interesting, another Ethereum game


Real funny post

What a funny post about gaming.
This is really funny.

All done sir. Twitter link:

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wow, chibifighters is a real fighter.
when got this free. That was an enjoyable moment. Thanks to you.

very good job @brittuf. i am appreciate #chibifighters support, and i hope you can continue this support or game in future.
congrats to winner.

Am interested in the ChibiFighters giveaway contest entry, because I want to earn some free chibi . And hopefully to buy some chibi later

Congratulations to all winners they did well & got rewards I think this is one of the great Initiative that you have taken to support minmows I hope you will continue your support in future because we need your support thanks for this great post @brittuf

All done sir

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awesome game i love to play this game very entertaining game @brittuf. your gaming is very beautiful.

Another free chibifighters... so good for gamers. also boost for minnow booster. :D :D

done @fcloudmining

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Wow nice is really funny

@brittuf sir all done twitter id sherazkhan4u

love this ChibiFighters game sir

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yeah,,They are helpful ,,Investment is needy to gain more benefit,,,When people know that,they must try to be upvoted and mission is accomplished,,,Chibi fighters are as like as these,,,Thanks for publicity,,,You are great ..

check it if possible

What a funny post ? my friend , you are really genious , I like it .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @brittuf

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Another free guinea pig is a minipot for you. This post is very funny a post.

awesome game i love to play this game very entertaining game @brittuf

Today your post is really amazing. I like your writing.

I enjoyed this post very much. It was a lot of fun for you to post. It was very good for me, because I posted this topic. I love playing this game. I love playing this game. I like playing this game. I like you playing this game. funny Many choices I love lots of fun.Thanks for sharing this fun with us...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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very funny post....

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