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Hello fellow steemians,
Today i'd like to talk to you all about Chick-fil-a. I will probably talk a lot about them in the near future but today I will talk about one thing that they do they makes them good at business. In all their drinks that they serve, they put mostly ice, that way they don't give out as much of their fountain drinks and lemonade, iced tea, etc. You might be thinking, "well that's a terrible thing to do!". But Chick-fil-a circumvents this problem by offering free refills on any drink (excluding milkshakes). You may also ask for light ice. CHick-fil-a makes their money by counting on the people who don't get refills because they either go through the drivethrough, or don't know about the free refill policy. You will never see a sign saying that they have free refills because they do not want to post it publicly.
Anyways, this is just one thing I have noticed that Chick-fil-a does that is an excellent business practice. They do many things to make money but also satisfy their customers as much as possible.


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Their customer service is awesome. We have one close to our house, and I have never ever heard anyone complain about their service! In fact, one time when my cousin was visiting from Scotland, the manager gave us free desserts!

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