Why is Gen Z Hard to be Fooled by A Hoax?

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Gen Z is a person born in 1995-2010. He often carries out activities in a digital world. He can use internet without having to experience significant difficulties. Therefore, he is accustomed to dealing with a hoax. Uniquely, he has difficulty believing hoax. There are five reasons that make it difficult for him to be fooled by a hoax.

First, he tends to be egocentric. He does not want to respect and see other people's perspectives. He prefers confidence rather than opinions and judgments of others. This is in attitude of him when receiving a hoax. He ignores opinions and judgments contained in a hoax.

Second, he tends to be unfocused when he comes to reading information. He reads the information quickly. He also tends to be unfocused in terms of spreading the information. Because he is not focused in terms of reading and disseminating this information, he is hard to be fooled by a hoax.

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Source: https://m.brilio.net/creator/6-tantangan-generasi-masa-kini-gen-z-hoax-di-mana-mana-186ee4.html

Third, he has an open mind, but remains critical and detailed. He is open in dealing with various things. He doesn't matter about things. However, He is critical in responding to various information and news that is happening. Because he can easily search for comparative information and news on internet.

Fourth, he trusts more a celebgram who has fewer followers than other celebgrams. He considers the celebgram as a source of inspiration and a role model. He also experiences engagement with the celebgram. The engagement is strong.

Fifth, he does not make WhatsApp the main information media. The main information media used by him is LINE Today. This makes it difficult for him to be fooled by a hoax. According to a study conducted by the University of Oxford, a platform most often used by many people to spread a hoax is WhatsApp.


Nice Article. My daughter is a cusp child..born in 1995..so I'm sure she has holdovers from prior generation, but I see many of her characteristics in your layout..her boyfriend dubbed her 'Hurricane Ally'. It fits..thank you for your insight

Thanks. I hope your daughter is always healthy