Childhood and Equanimity

in #childhood4 months ago

Do you remember your childhood ? if yes how do you remember it , as a good time with lots of good memories or vice versa.

I think many of us remember it as a nice time of our life with lots of good memories.



That was a time when we were free from all the worries of life , we use to play , eat , sleep , and repeat the same everyday.

we were never worried about what will happen tomorrow or what happened in the past , we use to live free from all these tensions.

Do you think that we were in a state of Equanimity in our childhood , i think it won't be wrong to say this.

Think of some unwanted or bad times that you faced in your childhood , how long did you take to forget that bad time and move on.



And ask yourself if we really care about moving on , we use to let it go as it is. we don't complain and we use to accept and forget what happened.

we use to focus on what makes us happier and we actually Focus on those things only.

So that's why I think that somewhere in our childhood we were following equanimity.

What do you think about childhood and equanimity ? do you think they were connected at some point.