in #childrenlast month

Not Covid. Dead in 4 months without Vitamin C. Dead 45 days without food. Dead in 7 days without water. Dead in minutes without oxygen. A major issue is not Covid but in lacking essential vitamins and minerals which includes zinc, Vitamin D, etc. United Nations plays good cop bad cop as a PR stunt.

Conclusion of the first 2020 Trump vs Biden debates


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2020-10-20 - Tuesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-20 - Tuesday
Published in October of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-10-21 01:16:35 Cooking Children in Bowls.png
Cooking Children

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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12:35 AM - Comedians & Political Commentators, The Hodge Twins, on Politics & the Mainstream Media

John Hagee Ministries

12:46 AM - Take America Back

400 years from 1620 to 2020, and 400 is a special number in the Bible.

Salem was the original name before the capital was Jerusalem.

John Hagee said it has been 400 years since 1620, and 400 is a special number.



01:25 AM - WAR ROOM IS RAW FULL SHOW💥10/19/2020💥{{{WAKE UP}}}💥

The 100

2020-10-20 - Tuesday - 03:08 AM - 03:48 AM - The 100 709


Last war

Unwinnable war



Molyneux Resurrected

10:36 AM - The Truth about Web Cam Girls | Tristan Tate with Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain

Tristan Tate says that many of the cam girls are virgins. Well, that makes things worse to the degree it damages the innocent virgins, you could argue. Tristan talks about how many of the cam girls are normal girls who work as waitresses or normal jobs by days and that they do better at the cam girl job than porn stars and prostitutes.

Many cam girls make as many as $100K/yr and some up to $250K/yr or more.

Cam girls tend to get half the money they raise, that means 50 cents per dollar earned as the rest goes to the cam girl websites, managers, the assistants who type in the words for the girls, the overhead costs, etc.

Many of the cam girl customers are younger men as opposed to older divorced men 50 years old or older kind of thing. Sadly, younger men should be dating real women.

Tristan Tate said that it is not mostly his fault, that he is simply providing a service which some men abuse like a drunk at a bar, Tate made a statement that mirrors what George Soros said in some ways, that if he wasn't there, then somebody else would be doing it.

The Amazing Lucas

08:21 PM - Newsom Goes FULL Retard/50 Cent MAGA/ Sony BLM theme Reeeeee

this happens because we do not stop government


How do we stop TYRANNY?

Do as I say and NOT as I do.

Wine tasting could be an excuse to meet people if you are mad lonely.

If you got no life, go Wine Tasting.

Great wine taste like grape juice.

I went to a restaurant and asked the waitress, "Do you have any McDonald's food?"

We grow and make our own wine.

Wine is great.

Red Letter Media

08:38 PM - More Rich and Mike's Top Ten TNG Episodes - re:View

Wake Up

11:06 PM - INFOWARS THE ALEX JONES SHOW🌟10/20/2020🌟{{{WAKE UP}}}🌟

Dead in 4 months without Vitamin C.

Dead 45 days without food.

Dead in 7 days without water.

Dead in minutes without oxygen.

Bright Side

11:48 PM - What If Sea Creatures Could Fly Suddenly

I do not support the green new deal.

Wait, what, no clams or oysters?

United Nations plays good cop bad cop as a PR stunt.


John Hagee Ministries

12:46 AM - Take America Back

Up around 10:10 AM. Watch Molyneux over breakfast, cereal, coffee. Published part 8 of 8 on my review of the first 2020 Trump vs Biden debates. Watched Answer in Genesis. Around 01:00 PM to 07:15 PM, I was working on the chicken thing, a roof and 3 additional nesting boxes, meaning 6 in total with roofing around it. Struggled to get the roof up in place and some of the roofing material came off the sides, I had overlap which some came off, not any off the actual roof part but rather the hang part, the excess. I didn't plan ahead or think ahead on how I was going to get it up but I got it up eventually. I have 1 wall up in the back which intersects with the roof I put up. So, around 6 hours of work. Went to the old shed garage a few times to get wood. I will survive song, gay Jesus super star, that music video that you shared which got you then banned for a while on Theology Online (TOL). I was singing that song and a few other random songs today and the past few days when nobody is around and that is an oatmeal tradition going back to when I was very young like maybe three years old or younger, the past 32 years or longer.


07:30 PM - Rice, soup, brussel sprouts, 3 bowls. Nap around 10:00 PM for like 30 minutes or maybe an hour until 10:35 PM.

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