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I know, this pandemic limits us to do many things. Not allowed to go to malls, parks, tourist spots and beaches. You know, summer is coming here in Philippines. The two months of April and May supposed to be the vacation months here in Philippines. Not just vacation of those who works from far and wants to go home to have reunion with their families. This is the season where classes are ended and it's time for the students to have fun in going outside to enjoy. But all of this were being taken from us because of this pandemic and makes us to stay at home. Although it's not that bad because it's for our own benifits to quarantine ourselves from the crowded places.

Even so, there will always a way if you'll just use your creativity in you. You can enjoy yourself by thinking things you want to do even inside your house. Just like these children in our neighbourhood. As you can see only few of us can afford swimming pool. If you'll have swimming pool for sure you're in rich family.

You know it's hard to make children stop crying when there's something they really want that bad. Maybe that was the reason why the parents of these kids thought of doing this small pool. Use a big basin and poured it with water into it.
As these children kept on moving, the water inside of it will be wasted. You know children, they will keep on playing water. As you can see, one child poured the basin sometimes when the water was not full in the basin. I enjoyed watching them so I captured them enjoying the water as well.

Many children are being affected because of this pandemic. Their happiness are being taken and their chances to meet new friends are being stopped. Children are not allowed to go outside because they are the most prone into this virus. There's nothing we can do of it because we can't see this enemy.

Still, the quarantine was being extended due to the numbers of infected people. It's hard to life the quarantine when it gives us too much threat. Just stay at home for now and let's save our energy later when everything will be alright.

thank you for reading

images are mine
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