Innocence of little Children

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In my neighborhood there is a new family shifted in and they have a 4 year old boy. He is so adorable and we have become good friends. I try to spend some time of my day with him and I see that he is also fond of me, that's what his mother also says :-)

In the evening time sometimes he will come to my home and then I play with him for sometime. It is difficult to keep small children occupied and I have crossed that phase a long time ago. But I try to keep him engaged. When he comes home he will ask me to switch on the T.V. and put some Cartoon channel for him. I avoid that since I do not want him to get hooked on to that idiot box. I have got some color pencils for him. When he comes I give him those and then together we sit and do some thing. He is very small and still does not have a grip with holding the pencils so he does some random things, but I see that he enjoys it. He will ask me to write the alphabets and then copy them :-). I also sometimes keep him occupied with story telling.


I must say he enjoys and I too along with him. Whenever I spend little time with him, no matter whatever my mood is but it surely does brighten up.
Yesterday it was a funny incident that happened. I was busy with some work and the door bell rang. I opened the door, I was very occupied in my mind so I wanted to get back to my work soon. The little boy was also at the door with his mom. I just said Hi and then was about to close the door, and the little fellow started crying and throwing tantrums. I did not understand first what was happening, then his mom told me that, because I did not speak to him, he is angry with me. That was so cute, I went and hugged him but he was not willing to talk to me, after some persuasion in a minute's time he was fine and smiling back again.

Children are so innocent, you shower little love on them and they are all yours. I always enjoy being in their company. I believe that every child has so much of positive energy and just being around them also you feel that energy flowing into you. They make our lives beautiful with their presence.

I wish we all could retain our childhood innocence forever, imagine what this world would be like to live in.

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Completely agree with you, the little children can completely change our mood with their open and direct attitude. Seeing and hearing your story about that little fellow, I recalled when my son was little, he is now 17 years old and I just wonder how quickly the time passed. I often tell to my son that I really enjoyed the time of his childhood probably even more than himself and we then laugh about that.

I think you will love to have grandchildren, people say they are even more sweet than our own children. Who knows we will see :)

Kids remove stress like my son a 1 year old