How to make your boyfriend love you more and more 如何让你的男朋友越来越爱你

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Be like a dude.
Sometimes like goblins.
Be like your mother sometimes.
First, always get along like a buddy.Figure out what's important and what's trivial.Don't abuse your gender advantage.
For example, do you think a guy will pout, scowl, turn his face or hit someone when he's late for a game or forgets to call you back?
Second, sometimes also want to act coquettish, show weakness, hair dia, use gender advantage to achieve your goal.Where is the joy of living?When a man feels like he's needed, you're a woman.A little temper, men to persuade the slope down, a wipe tears and a beat him, men will be very useful.But don't be silly. Men are not stupid.
Third, be like your mother sometimes.The big is the big thing has the principle, but when the man is weak, do not press further.Give him a hug and a pat on the back and tell him you can count on him too.Most relationships start out as a favor, then a favor, then a little love.Trust is the last, deep love.This is what two people work hard to achieve, do not think you are a girl, is entitled to lazy.Do not meet a problem on the next judgment, said that the other side is not the right person, attributed all love to fate.It's not just lazy, it's kind of silly.Of course, there are those who say that perfect love doesn't have to be maintained.


Only a strong man can give, only a strong man can see.
So the first step is not to make yourself beautiful, but to make yourself strong.
It's not the beauty of being alone that explains the loneliness of being widowed, but the delicate but firm hand of a man when he needs you.

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