WHISTLE (Chiptune)

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Hello to all who doth read dis... Hi, hello there, hey 8^]... Yeah okay, so, this is one of the first electronic songs I ever made (my name was/kinda still is, LAIDBACK MANNER, but I go by M1NDM4NIC now... but you know that already, soooo that last part you can disregard, yeahh). I posted this to Vid.me about 2 mounts before, well, you know what happened =.(... (RIP Vid.me), but nowhere else, that is...Until today (people gasping all around, Someone faints, but there okay so it's all good)! Besides writing and producing this song I also made this music video. It was a very long time coming and took a long time to create as well b/c I was learning (and still learning) Adobe: After Effects. I had been wanting to teach myself how the funk to create my own, audio responsive music video. I was/still am also learning about camera movement (ie the slow zoom out during the entire song and then quickly zooming in at the end of the song), Watermarking (although, the watermark [ie L.B.M.] in this video is just because I thought that it looked purdy cool and NOT as to say "HEY! THIS IS MY SHIT/INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BRUH! DO NOT DUPLICATE WIFFOUT MY FUNKIN' PERMISSION... AHHHHH!), adding other effects like the premade glitching effect in the beginning and the premade swirling glowing energy... Thing and last but not least the always aw inspiring "Fade to white"... So yeah, anyway, I do hope you all enjoy my music/music video/first upload to Dtube and thanks for lending me your ears. Jam on!


P.S I will hopefully be finishing the rest of my profile soon, so please just bare with me until iee dew, clinical depression is a bitch. #thatsnotcodeforquotationmarksPleseFeelSorryForMeendquotationmarksLol #Peace

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