The Perfect Homemade Hot Chocolate

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Okay, since I don't drink coffee, I want to share my recipe for the best hot chocolate someone can make from scratch. Chocolate consistency can be adjusted for the consumer since not everyone likes DARK chocolate as much as I do. For those with discriminating taste you have the subtle hint of favors to add as well.

Take your base chocolate, I love TJ's Dark chocolate, seen below. And if you want flavor, pick your (fave) Raspberry, caramel with sea salt, cranberry etc. I do like dark sea salt and caramel almost as much as raspberry..... :)

Being in San Francisco currently, I chose the intense dark Ghirardelli raspberry radiance. :)


Your choice of milk, whole, 2%, 1% etc. (non fat- non worth!). I usually have 2 or 1% if I don't' have access to raw milk. Take four to five squares of TJ's dark chocolate and melt in hot milk, heated on stove or in microwave. I prefer stove. Stirring constantly as it melts. Low heat.
Add 2-3 squares of your (flavor) choice, and slowly melt in.

The more chocolate you add the darker your Hot Chocolate gets. When rich and smooth, pour into your favorite mug and sip to enjoy! Remember, you choose the rich darkness and flavor of your perfect mug of hot chocolate!

I like my hot chocolate hot, so if you can see the steam, it's ready to enjoy!


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