Ruby Chocolate, New Horizons, McDonald's Feces - 12/27/2018

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The announcement of Ruby chocolate stirred a worldwide reaction to the “new’ bean. People across the world wondered to themselves across television screens, across tablets and phones and even radio what exactly it was. How could it be new? Hadn’t we discovered all that had sprouted forth from mother Earth? Where in all of creation had they originated from? How had a company so ingeniously veiled them from all others? These questions have yet to receive any answer approaching satisfaction as Callebaut steeled themselves into secrecy, revealing only that which we would crave more or more than their chocolate. As we unwrap this delicious selection of treats and sweets, keep in mind that the taste of ruby chocolate differs from all others and will inherently express a new flavor when mixed with consumer favorites including caramel, nuts or nugget. Indulge at your discretion and prepare yourself for the sugar parade.

Over a decade into its mission to explore the little planet, not planet, Pluto, New Horizons is about to perform another first, easily breaking records for successful space probes. I discussed this years ago when New Horizons had observed Pluto up close. The secondary objective assigned to the explorer was to seek out and examine the Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule. If everything goes fine New Horizons will arrive on New Year’s Day, which could give birth to a very interesting holiday tradition for astrophysicists. For those of you rusty on your astrophysics, let’s look at the Kuiper Belt. For those of you who are indifferent, skip the next paragraph.

The Kuiper Belt is similar to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter except for a variety of differences. While it is composed of many small objects and bodies it is far larger and between 30-50 AU away, starting after Neptune as well as mainly containing volatile bodies made more from.................

Finally, in a rather unsightly turn for the automation of human labor, a disgusting discovery was made at several McDonald’s in the U.K. at London and Birmingham. Swabs were taken from the screens thousands of people pour over every day to buy their quick meals and they came back positive for gut and fecal bacteria. This of course is nothing new, we’ve known for a long time how filthy public places can be. However it once again raises the issue of how clean these screens need to be. Should they be constantly cleaned to stem the spread of dangerous infections? Should we.............

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