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This man Jesus 13687810_7nZd3.jpeg.he is more than every president, this man Jesus, he is more than every scholar, he is God of all creation, the hope for every nation, at his feet every kneel must bow, he never went to school, but he is a teacher to Professor, he never study medicine, but he is the greatest physician, he is not a politician but he rules in every nation. He is mighty ,he was crucified just for my sin, beating, stone and even spart on him, he endured the pain until he gave up ghost. But the power of resurrection comes from him, cos he ressurate on the third day. Sitting at the right hand of God the father.
What a great 😍 he show to the world,he is love, feeling is his name, passion is in his face, his ♥ is love.

When he was living as flesh ,he performs some miracle.
1.he raised the dead.
2.he walk on the sea.
3.he change water to 🍷 wine.
4.he open the eyes of a blind 👨 man.
5.he feed the five thousand people with a 🍞 and 🐠.
1.he send us Holy Spirit, who's our comforter.
2.he went to prepare a place for us in heaven.

Almighty God I will forever praise your name.

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