Faithfulness part 2

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Second, he who is not faithful in another man's business will not be, even with his or her own. I believe the Lord is addressing our attitude here- the way we handle other people's property, businesses, situations, and so on- if we don't value people and therefore treat them with levity, it will flow into our own lives, work, and our relationships. At the end, we will be the loser. Are you believing God for a miracle in your life - may be a job, promotion, a house, or even a fruit of the womb? How have you been operating? That your last job?- how and why did you lose it? Your place of residence - how much care and cleanliness are you giving it? Maybe you have a niece, a cousin or a house-help etc living with you- how are you treating him or her? It may be a clue to all the waiting in vain for your own fruit. As you repent and turn a new leaf, I pray that your miracle will no longer be delayed in Jesus name.


Finally, the Lord said "he who is unfaithful in material things will not get real blessings given to him". Life is more than materialism, there a thousand blessings that money cannot buy. It is said that money may be able to buy comfort and pleasures but not good sleep or peace of mind. Also, money may buy a luxurious car and house, but it can never buy safety and a home. Money may buy you a beautiful woman or handsome man but not a good, submissive and God-fearing wife or loving husband. Only God can do all these.