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RE: Christchurch - Multiple Players And Identifying the Cointel Narrative

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Hello. Do you have any source to confirm there was terror drill happening in Christchurch? I'm here and there was no word about any drill neither when it happened, neither after. I only heard this from you and its quite critical accusation so I'd like to confirm this.
Also any evidence police breaking into people houses to take their guns? Didn't head anything like that either.

Also want to confirm that police have taken into custody three suspects, shooter and two more. Strangely there was almost zero information about the two other suspects after the attack.

Thank you


From NZs MSM By Katie Kenny

Thanks to a police training course the same day as the Christchurch terrorist attack, specialist staff from overseas, as well as New Zealand's Defence Force, were on hand to help.

Individuals from the police special tactics group (STG), NZDF, Australian and Hong Kong police, were involved in the response, a New Zealand Police spokesperson said.

NZDF referred requests for comment to NZ Police, who said the commissioner didn't ask for assistance on Friday. But soldiers who were attending the training helped, under police direction.

"We are very grateful for the support these defence personnel provided to both police and the public in a horrific situation," the spokesperson said. "Their actions are a testament to the professionalism, skills, and the inter-agency operability of specialist groups in police and defence."

Police Association president Chris Cahill said he couldn't comment on international forces, but said police across the Asia-Pacific region generally have a close relationship.

The timing of the training course would have helped with a rapid response, he said. "You need a bit of luck sometimes."

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