Open Church, where all are welcomed: What book have you been reading recently that has challenged you and stirred your faith?

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Greetings fellow Steemians.

Welcome to Open Church

Open Church is an initiative by @majes, @nextgen622 and the Christian trail community on Steemit. It aims to be a place where Christians on Steemit can hang out, encourage and build up one another, and reflect the love of Christ. The church is not a building, but is made up of people who have been transformed by God's grace.

Steemit is not all about money, but it's also a community of real people with real needs. So let us be a community of brothers and sisters that can Truly support one another with our real lives. Hope we can put aside the money element of Steemit and enter into authentic fellowship with one another.

Each week we will be putting up a new post with a new topic or theme for discussion. But feel free to come here just to fellowship and be a blessing to one another. Whatever denominational background your from, or if you're just curious about the Christian faith, everyone is welcome.

So feel free to share a link to your favourite worship song, share a word of encouragement, a prayer request, or introduce yourself. But please do not promote any posts here, or get into any arguments here.

Today's theme is: Besides the Bible, what book have you been reading recently that has challenged you and stirred your faith?

Personally, I have been reading The Irresistible Revolution By Shane Claiborne recently and it has challenged me immensely. I highly recommend this book.

Two other books that have significantly impacted me are:

If you want to grow in your faith, I highly recommend these 3 books. How about you? What book(s) are you reading at the moment that you would like to recommend to the Christian-trail community?

You can also join us for some more fellowship in the Christian-chat channel on Steemit chat.

Be Blessed.


Thanks for sharing these books to read my friend, I love reading and discovering more about religion mainly. I will surely go through them!
Thank you!

Thank you so much for dropping by mate. A book that I highly recommend for someone exploring the Christian faith is this: The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

Thanks mate for sharing this out, I will make my best to get my hands on it soon and read it!

You’re welcome my friend. Let me know what you think once you’ve had a chance to read it. Bless you mate.

Eyes of the Tailless Animals by Soon Ok Lee. It's about a North Korean woman who is falsely accused of a crime and put into one of their terrible prisons which have been compared to the Nazi concentration camps. She eventually becomes a Christian. I re-read this book not long ago, and it's had a very big impact on me since I first read it.

That sounds fascinating! Thanks for the recommendation @doule. I'm going to check it out. :)

You're welcome :) It's a great book. A very sad story but still very inspiring.

I haven't read many christian books outside of the Bible in a while.
One that I found to be really a blessing is called ,"The Holiness of God," by R.C. Sproul. I got it after someone recommended it, and I'm not a Calvinist, but when I read this book, I didn't put it down. I read from cover to cover.

It doesn't really focus on denominational teachings, but it focuses on God's holiness.

I'm going to read it again!

O yes, I heard this book recommended by many people. I heard an interviewe with Chip Ingram, Who said he read a chapter of this book each day, and he has been doing that for many years and read the book several times. I’m going to add it to my to read list. :)

I have been reading Holy Spirit handbook by Mike Murdock. It's full of revelations on the personality and work of the Holy Spirit. We all need to read it.

Thanks for the recommendation @greatness96

Prayer is very important in our christian life, I had the privilege of reading a book titled"Rules of Engagement" by Kakra Baiden. The book highlights on the rules governing prayer. Many Christians pray but end up praying amiss because they focus more on praying than what they need to understand before they pray. It is a wonderful book full of mysteries as the author shares both biblical and personal experiences about prayer.

Great post.. I'm really challenged to read a book.

"Look what's missing" by David Daniels is a very good book about what's missing from "new" bible versions!

Thanks for sharing this @daveks. In @globocop Sunday show, godwaves, on msp radio, he was dealing with that topic.

Thanks, good to know!

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I highly recommend Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Hello beloved brothers, back here, blessings for all. Actually I am not reading any book however I found a book that looks very good and I will start reading thanks to you for the motivation this is called "Heart for God" **, but then I will tell you what it is.

I am reading a book DIGITAL COCAINE A journey toward iBalance by Brad Huddlestone. He is showing how too much technology and screentime lead to the same type of addiction that you get from drugs. Shocking things about some video gamers that let their kids die and some died themself after a binge of video gaming! Also how bad screentime is for small kids. Apple founder Steve Jobs kids is not allowed to use an ipad. This book is a big eye opener also for our own usage of the internet. I am not finished with it yet, not sure what more will come to light.