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RE: Saying Goodbye and Thank you to all my Steemit Friends.

man can you lend me your sp(voting power) through delegation? you can easily stop delegation at any time you want to come back...I would use it to spread and curate the word of God....and I would pay you 2% a month....please tell me your thoughts about this


how much do you need for delegation? I can stop my power down and add it.

I'll check back later today.

if you will leave for some times, the more I have the best....I will accept what you want to delegate...and I will pay you the 2% a month on it...which method do you use to delegate?

sign up with minnowsupport. They do a whole lot here to help new steemians. I delegated half of my earnings. You can request delegation there as well. It's very, very helpful. If you sign up with them, send me the link via the steemit chat. You can send me a private message there with your info and link.

I need to pay them steem to borrow sp from minnowbooster........blocktrades isnt working to convert the sbds in steem so I just used the normal convertion(takes 3.5 days) ...While that happens, you can use steemconnect(the same platform minnowbooster use) to delegate me your voting power...i will pay you 2% a month and will curate and help christian bloggers....this is the link