Saying Goodbye and Thank you to all my Steemit Friends.

in #christian-trail4 years ago (edited)

I wanted to let all of my wonderful followers know that I won't be posting on the Christian-Trail any longer.

It's been so nice meeting so many of you, and I've been so blessed by all that you share here.

I currently have other projects in other places happening, that are very time consuming and I need to put my focus into those things.

I wish all my new friends here the very best.

Keep sharing the truth of God's word.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Love in Christ


I'll really miss you here. But I trust God to take you to higher blessings. Hope to still hear from you when you finish your project. Much love!

Thank you @greatness96, I'll check for your articles when I can. You've blessed me often with your work.

God bless you brother.

Thanks so much for you gift. It will go a long way. God bless you.

Amen. Thanks a lot

man can you lend me your sp(voting power) through delegation? you can easily stop delegation at any time you want to come back...I would use it to spread and curate the word of God....and I would pay you 2% a month....please tell me your thoughts about this

how much do you need for delegation? I can stop my power down and add it.

I'll check back later today.

if you will leave for some times, the more I have the best....I will accept what you want to delegate...and I will pay you the 2% a month on it...which method do you use to delegate?

sign up with minnowsupport. They do a whole lot here to help new steemians. I delegated half of my earnings. You can request delegation there as well. It's very, very helpful. If you sign up with them, send me the link via the steemit chat. You can send me a private message there with your info and link.

I need to pay them steem to borrow sp from minnowbooster........blocktrades isnt working to convert the sbds in steem so I just used the normal convertion(takes 3.5 days) ...While that happens, you can use steemconnect(the same platform minnowbooster use) to delegate me your voting power...i will pay you 2% a month and will curate and help christian bloggers....this is the link

Thank you @livingwaters for letting us know. You will be missed by all the Christian community. May God richly bless in your new business endeavors.

Thank you veejay, keep sharing the good word brother. God bless you!

After inspiring me and giving me hope that my letter to God is a good one.
I just started my bible study series and brother you are leaving the platform??

I really wish you would stay a little longer and teach my all there is to know so I can fulfil my promise to God on this platform.

But like you said there is time for every thing I wish you all the best in you project sir. Go and prosper in the Lord.
Please try to visit us from time to time and see how fellow preachers are doing here.

Sorry for disturbing but I just checked your blog.
Sir, you have over 700 followers please this persons can't be left with out Gods word I don't know how this sounds but please can I be given access to this account so I can continue the good word God have started with you.

Please sir if you consider this proposal and believe the over 700 souls God have given you on this platform needs to hear more please contact me via [email protected]

I pray God speaks to you and grant me this desire of mine.

That's so humbling siah, I'm so happy and so blessed to hear that found help in my articles and that I could encourage you in your own work. ...Beyond words.

I wanted to give you my personal blog address and let you know that you can contact me through the email there. I post everything that there I posted here.

Visit anytime, and if I can help with anything, feel free to email. You're in my prayers.

I think what bro Josiah is saying is that he wants you to give him your account since you will be leaving steemit.

And I believe its a great idea you have over 800 followers he can continue from where you stopped.
All he needs will be the key to the account which you both will discuss on how it will be given to him and probably a post notifying your followers of the change in administration though he can do that himself depending on we you both decides anyway.

Am joining faith will Bro Siah that God will grant him this request because the "Daily Bread" and "Daily Growth" series he started two days ago have been wonderful though undervalued by the steemit community probably because of his followers and his reputation on the platform.

Am joining faith with Bro Siah that God will grant him this wish so he can share God's word.
@livingwaters Please i beg you in God's name. Dont let your account stay domante allow God to reach your 800+ followers through Bro Siah.

I pray this words find fertile ground in Jesus name.

Thanks a bunch Sir I will contact you soon.

I tried to get your email address from the blog but wasn't successful. I will so appreciate if you reach me via [email protected]
Am pleading that you grant me access to your 800+ followers on this steemit account so i could share the little i know about God with them since you wont be make use of it.

Thanks @arcjen you nailed it. I really wish to share the little I know about God with as much persons as I can get on this community. if I post mine at least I should be able to share with them posts that have touched my life it should do same to one ore two persons. I should be able to resteem great Godly contents to as many that I can.

That is all I want @livingwaters please consider my request.

I hope to still see you once in a while and good luck on your endeavors!

You too tbnflsun!!! Win the next steempocalypse for me!

Missing you already, is this part of the reason the trivia challenge was cancelled? Wishing you success in your new project...

Okay I will. I saw the support you sent to me, thank you very much. God bless you abundantly....

thanks man...the sbds you use it with minnowbooster i need to convert to steem...and blocktrades is not working to convert sbds to steem so i had to convert via the system...and wait 3.5 days

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I'll miss you livingwaters. I certainly understand about being busy though. I hope all is well with you and may God always bless and keep you in the Palm of His Hand my sister in Christ

You will be missed Sister. May the Grace and Peace of Our Father and His Son Jesus be upon you always.

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