God reaches out to man

in #christian-trail2 years ago

God and man do not operate at the same frequency. That is why we cannot see God with our eyes. We are physical while he is spiritual.

But God knows that man with intelligence will ask questions about the essence of the world and life. In all ages he had put some sparks of light or wisdom in some people to answer man's greatest questions as to, "Who am I?", "Now did the universe come about?", "If God made man, how can I know him?" etc.

Some of these people have come in form of philosophers, wise men and prophets. They have tried in their various ways, according to the level of light in them to point to God. To crown their efforts, God allowed Jesus Christ to come and live among men.

Among all the people that tried to explain God, none was in the mould of Jesus. He pointed to God more convincingly than any other. Jesus taught man how to live like a true son of man, and how to live like a true son of God which is the essence of life - a life of sacrifice.

He did not just teach but, practicalised it by endangering his life and fighting the status quo until he lost his physical life in the hands of uncompromising men.

And by his cruel death, the consciousness of God will remain indelible in the mind of every thinking man. Man is now more zealous in his quest for God than ever. This is why Jesus came!

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