Devil, you time is up!!

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Bible Text:Acts. 8:7-8
For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that
were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that
were lame,were healed.And there was great joy in that city


While Phillip ministered, unclean spirits came out of many that were possessed and many that
were lame and taken with palsies were healed.The use of the word many indicates that the devil must have wreaked havoc throughout the entire city, hence seizing control of the city. Has the
devil wreaked havoc in your life to the extent that he has taken control of your life? I declare his
time is up. Are you at a point in your life where you are bombarded by many troubles? Are you
dealing with a troubled marriage, a problem child, job loss, terminal sickness and unpaid bills that seem to be mounting, all at the same time? I declare the devil's time in your life is up! It is important at this juncture to point out that when Jesus died and rose from the dead, he disarmed and defeated the devil; He broke every curse, covenant and acquitted us from every satanic charge that was against us, thus setting us free.Unfortunately, regardless of this fact many of us still live under the bondage of all that Jesus has set us free from, because of ignorance and lack of understanding. Don't allow Satan to hold you captive to what Jesus has set you free from, otherwise you will be shortchanging yourself. Phillip, knowing who he was in Christ, with the power of the spirit and the fire of God, sent the devil packing out of the people and city that had
been held captive by the devil. You need to come into the realization of who you are in Christ, on the account of the finished work of Calvary and declare to the devil, “YOUR TIME IS UP!”Don't just wallow in discouragement and watch the devil wreak havoc in your life; rise up and declare to the devil that his time is up, casting him out of any area of your life he has occupied.Is your marriage going through a turbulent season on the account of a third party who has hijacked your spouse by the spirit of witchcraft? I declare the devil's time is up in Jesus name.Speak to your marriage and cast out the witchcraft spirit that has possessed your spouse in Jesus name.Speak to your child and cast out the spirit of drug addiction that is troubling him or her in Jesus name.Don't be a spectator in your life; rise up to your rights in Christ and declare to the devil “your time is up”in the name of Jesus


Father, I ask that you open our eyes to walk in the revelation of who we are in Christ Jesus. I
speak to my marriage and cast out the witchcraft spirit that has possessed my spouse in Jesus
name. I speak to my child and cast out the spirit of drug addiction and stubbornness that has
possessed him in Jesus name. I refuse to be a spectator in my life, watching the devil wreak
havoc; I rise up to my position in Christ and I declare, Satan, your time is up in Jesus mighty name.


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