MY GOD AND I (episode 5)

in #christianity4 years ago


There is no better way to have inner peace than to do what is right.

Most times we face difficulties and a lot of tempting trials, but doing what is wrong can never be right.

Inner peace is actually a gift from God to man. Though the principal peace doesn't govern Christians alone, but every single human on planet earth.

The Bible made us to understand that that, when ever you do something that is good and right u will have inner peace.

But there is a big problem in the pursue of peace. In the sense that, what may seem good and right to me may not be what seems good to another person.

My definition of good may end up clashing with what seems good to another person.
So I strongly believe that the first step to attaining inner peace is by finding the general definition of good (lawfully and Godly).

strive for your inner peace at all cost.

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