There is Power in the blood

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When you least expect Him, God is there
He may not be there when you expect Him
But He always shows up in the nick of time!

Why is there power in the Blood?
Before Jesus Christ was born, He was God
He was part of the GodHead - Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

He was conceived in the heart of God,
The Holy Spirit placed Him in the womb of His mother, Mary;
He was both God and a Man; He inherited His humanity from
His mother’s family, decendants from the House of David,
And He was of the Godhead, because His Father was Father God
and by the power of the Holy Spirit, He was conceived in Mary’s womb.

This makes Him the most unique man ever born, He is God and Man,.
Both in one person, whose heritage was of the House of David,
and whose blood was pure, untouched by sin, because He did not
have a human father. No one else has ever been born this way.

HIs blood is rich, pure, not touched by sin, and very powerful! The Blood of
The Lamb, that washes away my sins…….this is why He was the only
one born into this world that was able to save us all. He needed to be
born a man so that He could be sacrified on a cross, to die a sinner’s
death to save all of mankind, to take all the punishment that you and
I deserve!

If you are a born again believer, if you believe in Jesus Christ and you
have declared Him your Lord and Savior, no one can do anything against
you without His permission, for you are His, body and soul. He paid a tremendous
price to have you as His own, and He will not let the devil have you, come hell
or highwater!

You can plead the Blood of the Lamb onto your issue, problem, or circumstance,
and watch as His loving Spirit begins to work in your life on your behalf! Go ahead
and plead the power of the Blood into your life, give Him the glory by surrendering
your life to Him, and He will never let you down!

……”The Blood, that gives me strength, from day to day, it will never lose it’s pow’r…..
…….It reaches to the highest mountain… flows to the lowest valley……….
……..The Blood, that gives me strength, from day to day, it will never lose it’s pow’r”…….old hymn


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Hi @lymorgan,

The blood of Jesus set us free from sin and sorrow, from death unto life, from hell to eternal life.

Because of the blood of Jesus we were completely healed.

Nothing in this world is compare to that blood who speak than that of Abel. Hebrew 12:24.

Thank you for reminding me of the blood that passes all knowledge. Undefined...

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