Sounds like a very interesting series and a lot of work... Back in my youth when I worked for a paranormal magazine I did a series on Soviet and US programs dealing with ESP. Unfortunately I don't have those articles anymore, as they were actually good (unlike other crap we published!)
Looking forward to reading your posts.

It is a lot of work, yes. It wasn't all that long ago that I was skeptical of a lot of claims, thinking to myself if it was true where were all the people involved saying hell no, this isn't right. Now I'm amazed at how many there were and are and the perception masters have misdirected us so as most of us are unaware of them. Shame you don't have those articles anymore, I would have enjoyed reading them.

Thanks for your interest. I thought I would give a heads up on what it will cover so those who are skeptical on the occult or squeamish about real documented atrocities could opt out. So much of this is horrible. For anyone familiar with the movie Food inc, once I am done there will be no doubt we are valued about as little as the animals on the production farms.

Very excited for this series!

Great !! Love the comments here already... It's a who's who in waking awareness, and the willingness to speak out about it..
i will read every word, of every post, and contemplate every point made..
What i want to do is go back far enough in our actual history to find the answers... We have been misled and lied to from the very beginning of post ice age civilization..
of that i am certain...
The Global Pre-Ice Age Civilization (Atlantis for want of a better word) that came before us has all the answers we need to know..
Were we really created as a slave species?
Was it the Annunaki that created us, or did they just take the credit?
i ask the question because it seems Humanity was here long before the Annunaki visitation supposedly happened..
Most people do not even realize that our solar system is new to the Milky Way Galaxy, there has been cosmic upheaval within the living memory of Mankind..
It is melded into the weave of Mythology.

Who is really pulling the strings of our puppet civilization today?
Why are the races so different?
Why the cover up of Humanity's Origins?
Why the dumbing down of intellect, the depopulation agenda, the insatiable demand for obedience?
There is no simple explanation to any of it...

What i want to do is go back far enough in our actual history to find the answers... We have been misled and lied to from the very beginning of post ice age civilization..

I will not be going back that far, but if you haven't read it you may be interested in a book called Morning of the Magicians.

It's been probably 20+ years since i read it but it was an interesting read. Not sure how much of it was true, but it was written before much of the propaganda writing picked up the steam it did just a few years later around 1963.

the more controllable one becomes to the masters of perception.

I do believe you are now fully one of "us" as you have shed your pre programed perceptual flaws!

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I've been digging into the occult for a couple of years now and I appreciate seeing another researcher out there who is sharing information. I think it's a subject that needs a lot more attention and study. So.. I gave you a follow and will be on the lookout for your articles! Thanks for your efforts.

I appreciate the interest. I have had an interest since I was a child. I had many questions not answered by mainstream religion and found my answer in one of their occult systems. My starting point will be a little rough as much of the information is not readily available with hard facts, so will be jumping in with speculations at the beginning and perhaps someone will be interested enough to dig a little more.

My personal logical explanation for the predictive programming is that it is a multifunctional tool. Helps to get the herd groupthink working on the stated goal & May give some psychological, perhaps spiritual & moral sense of relief to the perpetrators. Or perhaps it is just a sick sense of humor coupled with using social engineering to achieve goals.

Another take is that regularly releasing truths, through conspiracy channels like Alex Jones, is a necessary part of effective disinformation. Sure works great to get the people to ask for their rights to be taken away

Yeah, they do love to have their disinfo agents make it seem crazy so they can dismiss it as conspiracy tin foil hat stuff. Which I have been rethinking since I found out about the EMF tech they use on us, as well as voice to skull.

The possibilities are endless these days

Highly rEsteemed!

Well I look forward to everyone of them with a very open mind

I'm with ya all the way!!!! Take your time. I'm patient. I look forward to your analysis. You are the perfect one for this job. I know it's evil and involves things we don't want to know but we must if we are to ever be free. Know thine enemy ya know?! The CIA is the Criminal Indulgence Agency and guilty of horrendous crimes against humanity around the world including here.

Be aware some info is missing from the Internet. I found years ago research studies published on Ebola that I kick myself now for not printing. I can't find them now! This is just an example. 10 years or so ago I would spend hours digging into WHO and the CDC sites as well as other medical and scientific organizations online. They figured the average person would never take the time to read them. Well, now...they know we do and so much has been removed. I imagine this will be the same with info you're trying to dig up.

Yeah, I figure much of it has been wiped, however some of this is hard for them to do as many books have been written by those who either participated or dug up the dirt.

Thanks for the interest :)

Wow.. took words right out of my mouth. I believe they push halides and toxic compounds in our food and water to diminish our spiritual capacity.

To sew chaos. Some though can see behind the veil.

Looking forward to where you go with this.

-----edit: revealing somewhat identical things at same time-- interesting

I am looking forward to reading this and the series, I am off to bed now, though will be back to read it in the morning and upvote also.

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