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I have seen God do amazing things in my life. I am being taught about faith and spiritual realities when it comes to the Kingdom of God as taught in the Gospels. I would like to share a natural phenomenom that can be related to My/our Walk with God.

If you have two chemicals in a jar, nothing will happen - In this example anyway. These two chemicals are together in a solution. They do not interact, but they are together. The one chemical I will call God. The other I will call me/you. God is everywhere we are. Now, nothing is happening.

Now add another chemical. Lets call this one "belief". As soon as you drop it into the jar, there is a reaction. Things happen.

This is how I describe my faith. I believe, and God blesses me for it. It is not about works, but faith. I have seen mountains moved because I chose to believe God. But my believe doesn't come from comes from the Word of God. The Word produces faith.

Jesus is the Word - 1st chapter of John. I hope people who are struggling to believe will open the Word and fill themselves with "belief". There will be a reaction that you will not expect. You will be filled with awe and wonder and the amazing power of Gods Word. It works.

Learn about Gods Love for you...He first loved us, not the other way around. When you find out how much he loves you, and you "believe", it will change your life. You will begin to love God. You will begin to follow Him. You cannot Love Jesus unless you Know Him. And to know Him is to love Him. He is alive; He is risen. He will Give you the Holy Spirit if you "believe" in Him(the 3rd chemical).

God Bless!
Read Psalms 91 every day.


nice and helpfull
keep it up
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Great message. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you, glad you liked it.

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