The Conscience of a Natural Man

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Good morning steemians, i hope you all had a wonderful night rest, this mourning i will be talking about our conscience and how it played an important role in our life. by then when i was young, my conscience use to arrest me whenever have done something bad. then i call the conscience my inner man, before i do anything thing or take any action. i make sure my conscience has lead me to do it. your conscience is a mirror of you in two form, we have the bad part and the good part. stay bless as you go through my work.... Thanks


Conscience can be defined as an character, attribute, impression or understanding of the intellect that differentiate between right from wrong. We all know conscience to be morality, way of life, thought or action, and how it comes to reality.
Moral knowledge may be derived from values or norms. Conscience is known in the psychological terms as a way of feeling remorse for an action.
Conscience is been viewed religiously to link to your moral and potential and attribute as a human, john Calvin pictured this conscience as a place of battle for Christians. Morally conscience is also like a police who arrest a man or urges someone to do good and avoid evil always; most people call our conscience a small god because it stands as a judges for any of our particular choices or action we made.


Types Of Conscience

Its types could be as below:
• Correct conscience: - this conscience tells us when something is good or bad.
• Erroneous conscience (judge)
• Certain conscience: - this type of conscience convince you on the action you are about to take.
• Doubtful conscience
• Lax conscience (sin)


Functions of the conscience

The bible does not wince to discuss the soul and its three constituent and inter-connected facets the mind, the heart and the conscience. Each of these is a spiritual reality which functions in the and through the soul of very human being. As these three components of the soul work together, they determine our conduct in the world.

The scriptures that people are responsible for what they allow into their, hearts and conscience, and to the extent to which they develop and use these as God intends.
Understand the conscience and care for it accordingly and you will discover more of the power of faith working by love in your life.
So the following can be considered;
• The conscience is the referee of our soul, helping the mind and the heart to work together with maximum benefit for the progress of Christ’s kingdom in our life

• The conscience serves to engage thinking and feeling the mind the heart with settled values and conviction, so as to bring harmony in the soul in line with divine purposes.

• Our conscience determines the decisions and actions we take each day.
Environmental influence and the place of will in man’s behavior

There is a saying; ‘’environment is stronger than will’’, is it? Hewn Amanda a student in university asked his teacher, ‘’Master, is it true that half the battle is one’s associations’’? To which the master, ‘’No, this incorrect, it is the whole battle’’.

Modern research strongly supports the master’s answer from thousands of year ago; we are greatly influenced by the people, places and messages around us. So, what can we do if we are unable to be in that optimal environment?

We must discipline the mind first, remember, we can only control our inner environment, which the affects how we respond to our outer environment.

Meditation is a practice to help you begin to acquire control of your inner environment. If you can only reach a meditative state of mind in a quiet environment and in a comfortable position, how effective is your inner control? Not very.

However if you have a clear image of yourself as healthy and strong and for this smoking example, the role your lungs play in supporting that self-image there will be no resistance necessary. Your craving will be more consistent with healthy self-image and for things; fresh clear air, food and water.

You know that how you feel is the reflector of your thoughts and the choices you make, moment by moment. Choices that damage your system will make you look and furl lousy, it’s not such a difficult decision to make.

You must clear on your ‘’why’s’’ so that you are better able to choose ‘’what’’ actions to make and ‘’how’’’ you can take these chosen actions, regardless of ‘’where‘’ you are or ‘’who’ ’you are or ‘’who’’ you are with. It is the deeply rooted ‘’why’s’’ that can be reprogrammed and therefore, your unconscious will.

With awareness, you can use your conscious will moment by moment to make decision that are consistent with who you had like to be or what you had prefer to be like. This may seem difficult in the beginning as you with old patterns while striving to develop new ones. Repetition over time is the only way.

This is where affirmations (you say to yourself) can be handy tools to use in your pursuit of personal and spiritual development.

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