Christmas Tree Contest 2017/2018

Hello  My dear steemains, I return from a long-time break after a car crash accident 

thank god after all :) 

Holiday Christmas

The glorious Christmas begins in the Western communities of Rome from the night of December 24 to December 25, and in the eastern communities of Greece from January 6 to January 7. The reason for the difference in Christmas timing between the two communities is that it coincides with The date of the 25th of December is the feast of the sun god at the saints; because Christ is the light of the world, this time was adopted to be the Christmas, and so on 7 January marks the feast of the sun god in Rome for pagans; , Christmas coincides with the Western calendar With the New Year's Day, and therefore there is an official holiday for most countries of the world, including the Arab countries.

Rituals of Christmas celebrations

The houses, squares and streets are decorated with glittering colors, especially the main colors of the holiday, red and green, and sometimes silver and gold. There are many Christmas songs, including "Noor Al-A'am", "Happy Beliali", "Eid Night" and other tunes dedicated to this special occasion. 

Every glorious birthday, trees are planted, especially pine trees, and now there are many types and forms, decorated with sparkling birds, stars and distinctive lights. He is associated with Santa Claus or Santa Claus at Christmas. 

Every Christmas Santa Claus walks in the streets and distributes presents to children, especially poor children. Christmas dishes: There are no specific dishes to eat on this holiday, but each country has its customs and traditions in food to celebrate this feast, for example in Sicily, Italy offers twelve species of fish, while in London Served chicken stuffed with rice and vegetables, In the Eastern European countries, the main meal is known as fish. Recently, they prepare meat, including geese and stuffed chicken, while in the Levant they prepare their favorite food: grape leaves, kebabs, stuffed chicken, tabbouleh, fattoush, Delicious appetizers.

Christmas symbols

  • Tree: It symbolizes the Tree of Eternal Life with Christ. 
  • Shepherds: It symbolizes that the gospel in the birth of Christ is for all people without distinction. 
  • The stars: placed at the top of the tree, a souvenir of the star that led the shepherds to the place of the birth of Jesus Christ. 
  • Red: It indicates the death and resurrection of Christ for eternal life. 
  • Green: symbolizes life and youth and prayers raised to the sky. 
  • Bell: symbolizes joy and happiness by this glorious feast. 
  • Candle: symbolizes that Christ is the light of this world.

The contest :

I would like to announce the Christmas contest for this year 2017 / 2018 :)

the challenge will be about :

share us your selfies with your Christmas tree :) 

the winner is the funny one :)


christmas tree must be clear  slefie :)

write "Happy Christmas Steemains" on a paper and stick it to the tree :)

your posts must be under christmas-challenge

 prize :

First winner :) 10 steem dollor 

Thank you for you upvotes and shares :)

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