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Everything has been put in place for today's event. The children's shirts came right in, this morning, hot from the printing machine! They were beautiful...



I would be using Anointed Soul schools and children for the event. The members of the staff have really cooperated to make everything easy and even went as far as putting up the cake for me.


I am prepared to calm my raging hormones and speak love while giving it also to the children through the enabling powers of STEEMIT and CHRISTMAS....



I appreciate those who has given towards this mission of love. I hope I would be able to thank you proper when everything has ended successfully.


I am appealing to every steemian to wish me success! That is all I need for now. That this event be a success and the reason would be made established!!


I have created a slogan to this effect! Hope it hits right!... Lol

STEEMIT for Xmas!!

Xmas for STEEMIT!!

CHILDREN for All!!

All for LOVE!!


Expect pictures from main event soon!! Till then, wish me more success!!!!!!


Wow... Babe, this is so sweet. A standing ovation to you for an incredible work you're doing.
Above all, God bless you as you touch lives positively.

Thank you so much sir!

Nice initiative, nice post are looking really good. Now that's what I call a triple threat. More grease to your elbows.

Lol... I am flattered sir. Thank you for your kind words. Much love!

No problem! Uwc!

this is simply awesome, u've a great heart here
Many blessings

Doc, its good to see you here on my post like this.... I am honoured sir.. Thank you

Nice to see someone taking the initiative to give back to the society upon receiving, as you do this so also others will celebrate and bless you.
Wish you all the success in this world

You've got the shirts, you've got the cake. The school staffs are behind you as well as fellow Steemians. I'm sure a D.J is in place as well as the M.C.

Everything is in place.

It's a season of giving and you've deemed it fit to give in an extraordinary way.

The host of Angels are with you on this. All I see is success. We all can't wait to see the children merry.

Congratulations for a task well accomplished!

Yes yes!!!! Thanks so much dear

Awesome job dear! You dont need wishes, providing for kids and making them happy already has its own blessings.

Thank you so much sweets! You are a partaker of this blessing by contributing to its success... Thank you so very much!!!

Wow! I am totally blown away. God bless your heart. I wish you more success. Greater and better heights to scale in Jesus name. Amen.

Amen sir... Thank you...

This is super keep it up

This is a great insight and committment.
Keep the fire burning. All the best

Thank you sir

This is so nice dear,

Consider using #promo-steem in your next post.... I wany @starkerz yo see this...

You are doing wonderfully ell

Oh... I would consider that in my next post. Thanks so much dear

Wow! Beautiful! Wishing you a hitch-free celebration.