Christmas across cultures

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How is Christmas celebrated in Uruguay, Czechia and Croatia?

With my team of Viva Uruguay we share the most important facts about the way we celebrate.

There are many things we've got in common - Christmas is about family time, Christmas tree and presents.
But there are also many details that are different in each country -

  • Christmas presents brought by baby Jesus and not Father Christmas in the Czech Republic?!
  • Firework at midnight in Uruguay on Christmas Eve?!
  • Opening Christmas presents at midnight in Croatia?!

Watch our video to see more and let me know how you spent this year Christmas.
With no doubt this year Christmas was different compare to the Christmas we are used to celebrate or the way we would like to celebrate.
I just hope that you all had the possibility to spend this year Christmas is good company and you enjoyed it to the most remembering the important stuff ...

Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad

video is partly spoken in Spanish (with subtitles in English) and partly spoken in English (with subtitles in Spanish)