Christmas Challenge : I'm up for giving you some Blessings with a Simple Challenge | Ten Winners to be Chosen with $20 prize each! :)

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Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life. - Bryant Mcgill

Up for a Simple Challenge :)

I am thankful as to what the platform has made me better today. There has been a variety of reasons to be thankful in Steemit and I can attest into that. I spend most of my free time in Steemit for about 6 months now and I'm happy that I am enjoying the wonderful things in Steemit.

The Challenge

To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with - Mark Twain

Comment on this post the best thing that has ever happened to you in 2017 and describe what happened and how did it happened. In the case of what you are bringing, it's all up to you. It could be your achievements in school, your job promotion, the YES of your girlfriend, your health, your success, a lucky escape from accident, your Steemit career, or finding your true love.

Anything! As long as you consider it as the best thing that has ever happened to you is a valid entry.

The Most Meaningful and Entertaining Wins

Though we might have unique experiences and things happened in our 2017 journey, I'll choose the most meaningful and entertaining comment on this post. Meaningful experiences include how you described your experience, pictures included on your experience, markdown techniques applied, and how meaningful that experience is.

I also define entertaining on this post as something that grabs our attention (readers including me). The way your experience entertained us, the number votes and comment engagements your entry has garnered, or simply the most reacted experience :).

I'll pick 10 Winners with $20 each

For it is in giving that we receive

Ten "best thing in 2017" comments will receive $20 each in STEEM dividends (computed based on the actual value of Steem in Bittrex) which means I will be sending the prizes with a dollar computation on the memo.

Of course, I will be the only person to select the best experience that you had in 2017. I'll be picking the best comments I think with no bias or favoritism :)

Only 1 comment/entry per user

Anyone can participate :)

Submission of Entries will be at the end of Christmas (11:59pm, December 25, 2017 UTC + 8)

And I'll be sending the winners prizes and at the same time announcing the winners 2 minutes after the 11:59 pm. (thats 12:01 am).

Christmas is Merrier if we give :)

Thanks to all the people behind my journey. I love you all! :)

Spread the love, the Christmas love :)


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When I Went Dumb, Peace Dawned Upon Me!

2017 will remain as an unforgettable phase of my life. During this period, I experienced life as never before. The best moments of the year, I can recall when I took an oath of a prolonged silence for a month.

Yes, for a whole month, I didn't utter a word! To most, it sounded crazy ...and crazy it was! But I experienced the unexpected ...the ultimate peace and calmth, which I was longing for all my life. After some time of reflections of all the turbulent events of my past, I was at peace with everything. I had nothing to worry about. I could easily get the answers to all the questions that entered my mind from within.

Although it was not the first time that I took the vow of silence but this was the first time I took it for a whole month. It was the month in which my birthday falls. So I wanted some special birthday gift for myself. I thought what could be the best gift for myself. Then I recalled the day when I took an vow of silence for 24 hours in an attempt to raise awareness against the cruelty and violence towards voiceless animals.

And that day I accomplished much more than the usual days when I used to speak a lot during my outreaches. But this time, I didn't utter a single word but the words I was holding did magic.

So I was convinced that this would be the best birthday gift to myself. And I went silent for 31 days. This time of silence was amazing and it turned out to be the most wonderful gift of my lifetime.

During this period, I also learned a lot of thing which I never thought I could. I did so many things which I didn't know I could. I created / translated sub-titles for some documentaries and videos, hard-coded them. I also made some softwares for bots (until that time I didn't know what bots were, and here I was creating some!). Then I stumbled upon the world of Steem and registered my account on Steemit. I learnt a lot about the crypto world, ICOs etc.

I also learned to communicate through sign language. Interestingly enough, many people used to perceive me as a deaf and dumb. So when communicating with me they too used to do that either with sign language or by writing. It was funny as well as very educating experience.

The most important gift I received through this was attainment of my inner peace and happiness. I don't think anything else could be of more value to me than this.

OMG! And I used to think of Dumbs as dumbos! You have delivered a very powerful message to me with your enlightening experience. Such actions are life changing steps for sure, I agree.

Amazing! I'm wonder-struck!

Wow, I'll never forget this. Thanks for sharing @xyzashu

I have been wanting to help my husband with the daily expenses. I have 3 kids and they're still small. I don't go out in the house, I just take care of my kids. I am also not allowed to work here in Saudi because I only have a dependent visa. I told myself, maybe someday, when we settle in the Philippines, I'll just open a sari-sari store.
But when I met Steemit, through jerrybanfield's video in facebook, everything changed. Steemit gave me the opportunity to earn and at the same time take care of my kids. Not only that, I no longer get bored here, because there are a lot of things like blogging, photography, contests to get involved in Steemit. I gained friends too. I'm so happy now.

So for me, the best thing that happened to me in 2017 is being able to know 'Steemit'. Thanks @jerrybanfield! 😆

We are so lucky to have joined Steemit.

Yes. Especially ako na taong-bahay lang.. Sino'ng mag aakala, halos wala nga'ng naniniwala sa 'kin eh. Haha.

2017 has been an entertaining year with so many good things and achivements.
But I would rate Steemit as the best thing happened to me in 2017. Altjoigh i consider it happened bit late to me.
Using Facebook Whats app has drained me out. No creativity nothing sort of excitement. The moron people in FB are so nonsense that even if sm1 demise they used to put LIKES. wtf.
Geting pissed off, my life gone into a routine schedule office to home and then . my life just got stuck in between office n home n smtime the friends.
One day i heard of cryptoworld curious i started to google it and came across Steemit. A social platform.
Then wat i joined Steemit on Oct 2017 and it transform me a bit. Not only the earning ...bjt Utilising my spare time. Writing Sharing is wat now keep me bzy. My Times started to get meaningfull way, what is more important than that, to make proper use of time.

I also recomended few others to join and they activelly get into it and started to like the platform.

Steemit just keep me going for the last 2 months since i joined. Now looking more in coming year.


Hi @jassennessaj

Thank you for this challenge, I just want to share how this year brought me for what I am today..
and that I am blessed in some aspects of my life..

My career inspired me to strive more as I am designated as the Head of Socio-Cultural Activities and Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Accreditation of College of Industrial Technology, I was so flattered holding positions at my young age, this year also I am the only faculty who sent in a National Folkdance Workshop in Dumaguete, and during Accreditation, I was assigned as a counter part of the two programs (HRM and Tourism), and At the same time assisted the Dean of Student Affairs of all the documents needed for my office(socio-cultural). And Glad that all my areas passed, to think that I am studying Cebu, and tired traveling itself, but it's all worth it. I also tried to applied scholarship for my Masteral, and thank God I made it! this year also made me strong, going with my life independently, realizations are made that makes me a better person. Though my lovelife failed me, I'm still thankful that I don't have to worry to those people who I've lost, they are blessing in disguise, because the people who are meant to be with me, are with me..I am much close to my friends and meet good friends at the same time..This year made me realized to value my family, especially my parents, time flies and they grow old, so I must return back everything that they did for me. And Oh there's more, finally I have my own lot..Dream come true indeed 😊😊😊 and thankful for I was able to experience to visit a lot of different places in Cebu,Antique and Dumaguete.. I am also blessed for my new friends in steemit and excited on how steemit will change my life..

Thank you for reading!

More Blessings to come!



Very nice of you @jassennessaj, a very clever idea of sharing blessing, a good act of generousity. But before I'll start sharing my best experience for the year 2017, You've been a good friend of mine for 4 years already I can attest that you're one kind big heart guy you deserved all the blessing you have now but then always stay what you are, I am lucky enough to have you in my life buddy! Have a jolly feastful Christmas to you.

So to start, What I am bringing as one of the best experience I had for this year was the birth of my first only son in this planet, the feeling of having a baby is really blissful, I know some of you here in this platform witnessed one of my posts mentioning my only son, I made a lot of mischiefs, I violated many rules here in Steemit and including the PAL community which I had been kicked by @someguy123. I made a lot of mischiefs, because of the fear that one day I might not financially support my family. I've been to depression and anxiety because of unplanned pregnancy and I know this one guy knows what I've through. Because of that I tend to make a lot of blogs to earn money for my baby for the record I've been cheetah twice and steemcleaners once, because of my eagerness to earn enough money for my baby I made a lot of wrong doings, the elderly were always right, every parent will do anything just for their kids. But then I am very thankful to all the people around me who lift me up during bad times, I am very thankful that there are still someone who supports me in this platform. After all these ups and downs, this made me think how lucky I am to have the gift of life. Whatever obstacles nor hindrances came to life we must face it because the almighty one won't give us challenges that we can't face and surpass. And now my parents, the people around me including my friends completes me as a man especially my only son Zach Aizelle who motivates and be strong to face all the challenges in life. I am very happy of what I have now seeing my family get along together cuddling with our baby is really a bliss. So thats how my 2017 went through a summarize version of my life scenario.

So yan ang kwento ng buhay ko,
Ikaw ano ang kwento ng buhay mo


Zach: Stahp it! Hooooman, can't you see I'm meditating right here
Oreo: Sniff! Sniff!

Thanks for reading fellow Steemians. Have a joyful Holiday everyone


What a wonderful experience! I am a clear witness of you how life has been fruitful and tough to you 😊 Merry Christmas bro!


This year 2017 is one of the best year of my entire life why? I’ll give some of the reasons.

  1. I’ve got my promotion on my job! One of the achievement in an organization. The fruit of my labor for hitting my target as an sales executive.

  2. The bond of my family is getting stronger than before. The joy, love and happiness are in the family. My home!

I think that’s why the year 2017 is much greater than before, but everytime, every year is a blessing also to us, so be thankful and bring the glory back to our Lord Jesus for what we have and what will come.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Cheers! Thanks bro @jassennessaj

Absolutely! Thanks for sharing your experience :)

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" - Audrey Hepburn

I took an IELTS (The International English Language Testing System ) test, which is an examination for student or an individual who want to study or work or migrate in an English speaking country. I took that examination not because I wanted to work or migrate in a specific English speaking country but I wanted to apply as a home-based IELTS teacher in an online Korean school which offers really huge. I must say for 20 working days one can earn similar to that of a bank manager in the Philippines. And no hassle, you're just working at home!!! Just teaching IELTS to Korean students. In order to get hired from that company I need to present a certification that I take the exam and have a band score of 8.0 or above in Speaking exam.

I've been working as an online English teacher since 2010, teaching different Asian and sometimes European nationalities and I should say I earn meager income because to tell you the truth, there's still indeed discrimination to Filipino English teachers because we are branded as "none native English speakers", no matter how good or fluent you are. Filipino English teachers are just second choice and underrated.

Well, I took IELTS last June 2017, before taking it, I went to a review center for two weeks in April, learning all the sections in English from listening, reading, writing, and speaking. I thought it was easy since I'm an English teacher by profession but I underestimated the exam. It was never easy than I thought especially writing and speaking. Since I was not confident enough, I decided to continue to study on my own for the whole month of May. I was thinking I couldn't fail this exam because it cost an arm and a leg. Imagine one exam for almost P10, 000? OMG!

The examination is scored from 0 - 9. Here's the grading system:


To make the story short, I took it in the first week of June. I faked my confidence (fake it till you make it principle) and trusted myself especially in speaking. The Australian speaking examiner asked me questions that are thought-provoking and sometimes out-of-nowhere questions. I just gave my big shot. In my mind, I was thinking that I should get 8.0 so I could apply in that online Korean school.

After two weeks of waiting...Phew!!! The result was in. I got a notification from IDP (International Development Program) that conducted the exam. My hands were profusely sweating. And when I opened the inbox. I couldn't believe I got 9.0 in speaking which is more than I prayed for. After a month, I applied in that Korean school and on the spot I got hired! Double happiness!

This post is not to brag but to remind all that you should never ever doubt yourself. In everything that you do, give your best shot, so no regrets at the end.

You only live once make the most of your life.

Since then I couldn't be happier. Merry Christmas! ^^

Wow wow wow, a very big thank you to @jassennessaj for this opportunity to share one of the best things that happened to is this year through this challenge, I believe it's going to encourage a lot of people as they read all the wonderful experiencess shared
2017 has had its own ups n downs, but both the rough and smooth worked together for my good
The best thing that happened to me in 2017 is when I had the opportunity to visit shekinah glory home in Tamale Ghana, it's a place for mental and physical challenged people and the aged,most of the times the aged are the most neglected in the community, it touched my heart so much when i saw one of the elderly women sing and dance happily when we presented the items to
I also had the opportunity to plan and cook a days meal for a 75years old man suffering from osteoporosis, I did it with all my heart because of how the elderly women danced at just receiving a gift, I together with my group members were very happy and I think this is the best that happened to me this year because it has opened my eyes and I now have a heart for aged people, very soon my parents will be old and am imagining how I would have treated them if not for this opportunity I had IMG_20170608_133356.jpg
Steemit is also the best thing that has happened to me this year because of steemit I have the opportunity to share this


I stumbled upon the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. It has been a life changing study for me. I made the most money I have ever made in 2017. I passed my board recertification exam. That gives me 10 years to practice my profession without further exams. A lot of major things happened, but it wasn’t till the end of 2017 when I found out what Mel Robbins had to say about life and how to get going forwards from a life of procrastination. I am preparing a post about it. She has changed my life forever. My every moment going forward will be a better one. For a taste of why and how this was life changing, I will post the link to how I stumbled on her work. It is the best thing in 2017 because now with each passing year, I can only get better.


I’m close to graduating college, and I’ve worked full time since I was in the beginning days of high school to be able to afford to go to school. Last year I was applying to internships left and right and couldn’t catch a break. Finally I got one this year and it went so successful at a great company. The managers there loved me and I was doing really great work.

I got a call from them this week that they told me they want me to work there right once I graduate this year. The starting salary is well above what I would expect for my business degree. I am about to be the first one in my family to graduate college too, I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I didn’t work this hard for just myself, but for my family too. They always wanted me to do better than what they ever have and I’m doing a damn good job so far for making them proud. It is an amazing way to close out the year for me.

This is awesome :) Thanks for your experience :)

Wow! This challenge is both easy and hard at the same time because you've got to choose the best thing that happened this year.

  1. I've got promoted on my job although I resigned just recently.
  2. I think God blessed me a lot when He let me accidentally know steemit. I was just randomly scrolling my facebook newsfeed which always waste most of my time. And I saw this promotional video of Jerry Banfield and it caught my attention, before that I am worrying too much where can i get a lot of money to invest in cryptocurrency. And the story goes as I also stumble upon where I earned money to help my family's financial needs and erases my worries on investing money on cryptocurrency for the better future. I earned in just one month what could have been my salary for three years as a civil engineer.

Thanks for this challenge may the Lord bless us always!

My best experience of 2017. Hmm... Mine is work related for sure. I work as a special education teacher. I teach kindergarten and 1st grade and I often have students for 2 years.

Last year, I had a student who struggled with learning the alphabet and sounds. Often times, he would become frustrated and state "I don't want to learn to read. It isn't fun." A few months ago, and about 3 months into first grade for this student we finally starting making progress. He started being able to decode words on his own. With this, he began to be able to read simple books.

When I told him, look you can read now! He got so excited that he went to any teacher he could find and wanted to read the book to them. It was a heart warming moment for me to see a student become so excited when he finally accomplished something that was so difficult for him!

Thank you for sharing your experience :)

I don't want to be biased just because I'm commenting on the platform itself but my year wouldn't be as fabulous as what it is right now if I haven't heard about STEEMIT.

Not only does STEEMIT makes me express my inner thoughts but it also invites me to try something new!

In a sense that it takes me outside my shell.

I've joined contests before but I've always wanted my personal space wherein I can express what I want to say.

And most of all, because of STEEMIT, I was able to give presents to my family and relatives which I haven't done in a long time since I became a professional. I owe my success to my co-Steemians who have been very open to failures of people who wants learn.

God bless us all!

Wonderful! Thanks for your best experience. :)


Working abroad, I always thought that it is a great achievent to be able to go home in the Philippines twice a year to visit my mom and to be able to afford it as such. Financially, I am ok. But time was always is of the essence, having the luxury to be off from work and go home to see her.
One of the reason i work part-time since 2016. This was tested earlier this year, this 2017.

Having just returned 2 weeks after my holiday in the Philippines in the beginning of February, news have reached me that my mom at 90 y/o will be needing an urgent surgery. Re-arranging my rota, my 1 week carer's leave was extented to 3 weeks with the help of my colleagues in swapping my shifts. Working part-time was advantageous in that it wouldn't have been possible if working full-time.

3 weeks would have been enough for her recuperation but it didnt push through as she developed pneumonia. The surgery was deferred for another 3 weeks till i again returned in the Philippines by the end of March for her surgery.

Whatever I have achieved in life would have meant nothing if I wouldn't be able to be with my mom in her direst need. 2017 have shown me, that having a senior post, a high-paying job means nothing when unable to do what your heart desires. This alone is an achievement for me.

This is absolutely amazing. Thanks for your hardwork, dedication, and your best experience maam @immarojas! <3

Kulang kc ang entrees mo kuya..i-promote mo pa para madagdagan. Baka manalo kaming lahat kc kami-kami rin lang🤣🤣🤣

Hahaha relax lang po :) Maraming marami pa ang sasali. 😊😊😊

Ahahaha sige Jass..prep na ko for work. Merry Christmas!


Hi @jassennessaj. This would be my first comment here at Steemit and there's no better way to start my journey than sharing the best experience i had in the year 2017.

Trust the process. No matter how difficult it is, just trust the process. Soon you will get to see the fruit of your labor. My mind kept on telling me that for the past 2 years.


This is Tech Tower, a 12-storey commercial building for a BPO company. It is my very first project as a Civil Engineer since I passed the CE licensure examination. The construction of this building started last February 2016 and it was in March 2016 when i got hired by the team to be their Rebar Engineer. I was tasked to be the guy when it comes to reinforcement bars of this concrete designed structure.


Just as we all know, the four corners of the classroom is so much different compared to the real world of construction. Adjustments are needed to work things out and from there it was a roller coaster ride. I've been up & down emotionally, left to right mentally, and black & white physically, yeah literally! FB_IMG_1514200787029.jpg

Sleepless nights. On the spot decisions. Puzzling problems. Handling of different personalities. Those are just a few things that make me want to quit. But hey, seeing the project build up, it pushes you to strive harder, learn quicker and be of control.

At long last, just this November 2017, the masterpiece has been made. The blood, sweat and tears were all worth it. Its all worth the wait, all worth the pain.

I already knew in College I had that leadership skill but not to the point where I can lead a number of men who are older than me and guide them to that ultimate goal. Leadership was a key factor, but teamwork and respect should also go hand in hand. Without the team, from the labors, steelmen up to the project manager, nothing would come to fruition. The best thing that happened to me in 2017 was not the fruit of labor, but the process itself.


Merry Christmas!

thank you for the compliment my friend. Merry Christmas!

Thanks for this contest @jassennessaj. I would like to share mine.
There are lots of great experiences that had happened to me this year (2017) and I'd be sharing to you the most memorable and significant one.
April 7, 2017. The day that I am officially an Electronics Engineer. Way back October 2016, the first time that I took the board exam. I predicted that I’d really be a failure (just being honest to myself), for I know that I haven't done my part. My classmates and friends were sharing notes, doing group/individual reviews and me? Either sleeping or playing online games. Yes! You've read it right and as a result? I passed ….. just the 3 subjects (Mathematics, Electronics Engineering, and Engineering System and Technology) and failed 1 subject (General Engineering and Applied Sciences), got a score of 60. Which means, I have FAILED the exam but lucky enough to be under the status of Conditioned/Removal; I just have to take the subject that I have had failed. I knew my parents were disappointed; I couldn’t even look at them. I was really guilty of my actions. But despite their disappointment, they still encouraged me to take another exam. And I promised to myself that I’d pass this time!
March 2017. A full-month preparation for the upcoming April 2017 board exam, me and a friend of mine encourages each other to study and there were friends that shared their review materials to us. There were times that we stayed until 1-2 am at the review center just to review our notes and share ideas. I really did my best to do my part and to keep the promise that I made for myself. Whole month was full of sacrifices. Days flew so fast and the April 2017 board exam is coming.
April 2-3, 2017. Schedule of the April 2017 Electronics board exam. April 2, I went to the venue to fill-out my form and headed home right after since the subject GEAS was scheduled on the second day. I reviewed some of the topics; familiarize myself with some of the Laws, Presidential Decrees, Executive Orders and Memorandum Circulars relevant to Electronics Engineering. April 3, is the date that I was waiting for. It was raining so hard in the morning, there were even students who were late but the proctors just let them in since they knew that they were trapped due to the heavy rain. Envelopes where answer sheets are kept were distributed and minutes later, followed by the test questionnaires. a minute of silence As I read the first question, I smiled from ear to ear. I finished the 4-hour exam with a smile on the face. After submitting my answer sheet and test questionnaire, I was in the air. I felt like I was dreaming. I went to the other building where my friends were assigned, they congratulated me already and I was likereally guys?. I was just so happy at that time. I waited for them to finish the last subject and went out of the venue together. We talked about the exam and we were all smiling. The result is expected to be released on April 7 but we already congratulated and declared ourselves Electronics Engineers inside the jeepney while we were heading home. *hahaha
Everytime my parents ask me how the exam was, I just smile at them and they smile back at me. 

Board Exam is sweeter the second time around. – joke LOL

Without failure there is no achievement. – John C. Maxwell

I thank God for I am now an Electronics Engineer and forever grateful for giving me such forgiving, generous, supportive and loving parents.


Dear @jannssennaj
This is a wonderful challenge to reminisce sweet memories. Hoping to meet you soon ☺

Oddly enough the best thing that happened to me this year is joining steemit. I know this site long ago but never gotten the chance to take it seriously until last November. Before I joined steemit I was barely hanging by a thread. My life was an utter mess, my fate didn't go as planned. I failed a major exam, my very close relative died, my father met an accident, my family members were sick. I went into devastation to desperation that one time I question God about His plans for me. Of course the biggest challenge was the money. All my salary and my parents' money were gone because of the unexpected events. I was so drained and depressed, my problems were consuming me. I asked God for a plot twist, hoping I will find the light before the year ends. Being the eldest I felt the liability of helping my parents and I kept on thinking ways to earn more income. That's when I found steemit, at first I was skeptical but then we all were. It was when I truly put my faith in this site when I got my first payout. I thought that this might be the answer to my problem, and in less than a month I earned more than I am earning in my main job. I am so grateful to have found this company. This is like an answered prayer. A solution to my problem. The plot twist I was looking for. Right there and then I thought to myself this was the best thing that happened to me this year.

Thanks for this opportunity to help us recall the good things that have happened in this year. I am firm in my belief that it is when we show gratitude that we become truly happy. And I am sure I will enjoy recalling the good things that have happened to me this year.

  • Academics: Wohhhhhhooooo Fourth year na ko intawn! HAHAHA I can't believe it but I am only months away from graduating. So I am now gradwaiting (ok nice joke haha). I'm not really the best student in the class but atleast I made it through as a dean's lister. Our research study about smoking attitude also made it as one of the best research topics.

  • Sports: "Orayt nakadaog najud ko bisag silver man lang". This year, I received 4 medals in competitive swimming. Being this year's swimming captain, I was able to win in all of my events and I even made it to the Regional SCUAA Games. It's such an honor to represent my school, Cebu Normal University and as the only Nursing student among the athletes (char ra bitaw na haha)

  • Health: "So apparently, naa diay kuy scoliosis. Laban gihapon" I just found out that I have scoliosis when one of our clinical instructors did a physical assessment on my spine. No wonder I can't stand for long periods without back aches. But not to worry, we all have our own ailments. The best thing is: we can do something about that. I am making it my goal to start going vegan (Bantay bitaw ni. Pasko rabang dako. Daghan kaayog paksiw HAHA). So it's going to be utan monggos singko takos for me from now on. *Sighs in disbelief for the choice I am making.

  • Wealth: "CASH OUT NA NI! LIBRE LIBRE! Maaaaa, pang tuition na ni Ma!" (Kay mana ang man health, wealth nasad. Because Health is Wealth baya haha). Though I would like to see Steemit as more of a community, it is inevitable to earn in this platform. There are a lot of supportive people here and making a profit from your thoughts and ideas is one of the few wonders here. I was also able to make money as a swimming instructor so if anyone wants an instrcutor, I am available. (My rates are fluid. I accept payout in SBD. Discounted sa mga Steemians HAHA :D)

  • Family and Friends: I love my manita, yes I do One of the best feelings so far was giving back to the people who have helped me grow as a better person one way or another. This year has got to be the my most generous year HAHA. Bitaw, I was able to give all of my closest friends a little something, as well as my younger siblings. We also gave our father new shoes. Like you said,

It is in Giving that we Receive

I'm not sure if God purposely put me in this community but I am well aware that I am very blessed this year. All thanks to the people who have shared their blessings to others as well.

And that includes you, @jassennessaj . Thanks for being so generous and so welcoming. I could still remember you offering a seat at the Gift Giving day. I look forward to taking part in the next events of @steemph.cebu.

Merry Christmas! May God Bless You for your goodness and generosity!

Hi buddy, this is an awesome idea of an awesome guy i know :)

I have a lot of best experiences this year that contributes of who and what I am today. So I have to say I have a bunch of them yet let me throw one of those as the best one.

Together Everyone Achieves More, One Team One Goal!!

That was the tag line the team used when we were able to represent our school for a quiz bowl that gave a lof of opportunities for the members.


It was October 8 of this year at the SM Cebu Activity Center that tense and excitement scrumbled together as we seated on the table of truth. Struggling on every round just to be able to get the right answer. It was tough enough for the competing schools was not easy to overcome. Every questions thrown every round was like another battle to overcome even though its not my turn to sit down and do the showdown. After 2 hours of the throes, the team was squealing on the success garnered. And we were like "Woahh, we made it to the Nationals". YES! We made it to the nationals and be one of the representatives of the Visayas.

Counting for another days to compete where our National Quizbowl was scheduled last November 21.

At the Nationals (Electronics Engineering Interscholastic Quiz Show) , it was held at the Philippine Trade Training Center with around 35+ competing schools that made it more difficult yet a challenging competition.


It was indeed a great endeavor and a best experience as a team for we did not made ourselves be pressured by the expectations instead we trust each other's capabilities that can endure every round. Although we did not made it to the top on the Nationals yet hats off to my colleagues @themanualbot , @jassennessaj , @carpieeew , @japh and Jojimar . Moreover, I want to take this opportunity to thank and show how grateful I am being chosen as a quizzer and be in the team :)

I would love to be in this team again where we enjoy each other's company beyond our diversified personalities. KUDOS ECE FAMILIA <3


Hi @jassennessaj,

Hmm, How can I say this? The best thing that happened to me this year is I got my freedom/space. Honestly, I have been in a 5 year relationship, but recently I was not happy anymore, so I decided to end it and then I got my freedom.

After I got my freedom. I enjoyed spending more time with my friends and family. I can do everything I want without any limitations. Anyway, I am not sure if it's best, but for me its the best gift I had this year.

Next year I would like to explore the world and I want to share it to everyone here in Steemit. :) Since I am still new, I want to learn more in this community. That's all. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you. :)


Dear @jassennessaj,,,
We want every christmas to do well for you & your blog [email protected]@@jassennessaj

The history of unexpected person...............

I remember this fact about your Christmas challenge post, so I shared among you.

i live in Bangladesh. I started to visit my sister's house in Kolkata. Then my aunt with me was with me. Auntie went to the doctor for tratment. When the doctor was shown,
sister was sitting for a few days, Then, when they were returning to Bangladesh,
I came to leave the Indian border.After returning to Bangladesh, I returned to my sister's house in Calcutta. After leaving them I was very tired.
To go to Kolkata, I went to the bus counter and took a sleeper seat ticket, From then on,
I was observing that a man was following me. He also took a ticket seat on my side of the sleeper with me. When I left the bus, the man sat down after some distance..
Then he came to me beside me, before sleeping, he talked with me very nice
Said. And I also felt that the man is a lot better. Later the man fell asleep,
but I did not go missing, though I had many trades.Still I was not sleeping I went to the driver's side and sat down. So in the morning I passed out of the bus at the morning and I waited for the man to give him a good greeting. But the story of surprise was here, I was waiting at the bus gate.
All the people came out of the bus but the gentleman did not come out.
Later I went inside the bus and saw no one inside. I got a lot of fear. Yet he found the man a lot,But the man was not found anywhere. I was afraid. When I think of that person, I go after thinking where the man actually went. And this question is not from my mind today. Today, after many days, I remember this post and saw your post friend @jassennessaj...................................................................................................................


wao this is horable post and intresting.i realy like it friend

heartfelt appreciation your kind words dear friend @reyajahmedrazu

I thank you so much because you read my case

i like your post

In this 2017, the best thing that has ever happened to me is my graduation from Bar part1 in the university, it's not just the graduation but at the stipulated year without and extra year nor spill-over.

However, the height of it came when I got admitted into the Nigerian Law School, this same year.
At first it seems my joy was going to be cut short when it seems the realization of the fee was proving impossible. However before I know it, the three hundred thousand just started showing up from various angles.
The day I left for law school, my joy was immeasurable, the fulfilment of achieving something tangible in the course of the year was just too overwhelming.

This singular step in 2017 will definitely give birth to my call to the Bar by next year.
My God alone be praised.


Best thing that has happened to me in 2017 is getting started with crypto initially, but it turned out to be even more. I was able to learn so much more about Blockchain technology and the way how it will impact so many lives. I was able to meet so many like minded friends who were as excited as I am. Tbh I am very glad that I met you here and so many other friends from beautiful country of Philippines. All these things would have never been possible if I would have never started with crypto. All of you guys rock and will continue to rock because you and your friends are the most generous people I have met.

◄ Proverbs ►
One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

Your a very good man @jassenessaj 😊. Let me share to you my life story from the start where everything is not good for me or luck is not on my side.

After i graduated in high school i've got married to imee (7 months pregnant at that time) December 25, 1992, we are not really prepared to have a child because both of our family was poor, but for the sake to our child we have to face consequences and no matter what, we have to take care of him.

February 8, 1993 he came into our lives, named him "Deveerei" and thats the happiest day of my life.

I've got many job from 1992 up to 1997, i became a janitor, a paint helper, a service crew, a kitchen crew, a salesman, a warehouse man, and i really strived just to earn money to feed my family 3 times a day. But from 1997 to 1999, i have no job, i do all the house hold since my wife was the one working for us, i also accept "crosstiching job" to earned extra money.

Year 2000 to 2001, i got a job in a Hospital ng Makati as a helper in dietary, we served food for all the patients and do dish washing on hundreds of plates. But again, im really not lucky having a regular job. So, Im jobless again from 2001 to 2002.

2003 to 2005 i've worked as a parts expediter at Honda Caloocan.

2006 to 2011 i have worked at SM as a security guard. And again... jobless.

2012 up to now, im working as a warehouse in-charge here at Pangasinan, June 2017, my son @deveerei introduce steemit to us, my daughter @jeseemei also sign up to be a member.

This is where God put my son @deveerei to guide me again, as what he did when he first came out to her mothers womb. I felt again the happiness that my son brought to us. From Gods grace he put my son to guide me again, i have started to earned money from posting my drawings, for every art that i made, i sealed it with prayers to God. And He also guide my hand and eyes to draw which is really im not expected that i can draw all those hard detailed references. I do know how to draw but back on my younger years, what i had drawn is mostly disneys cartoon character, i never had a chance to drew using charcoals or pencil colors, thats why my medium on my first drawing is only a mongol pencil. God and deveerei did miracles on my hand and eyes to draw again, and with the help and supports of my second family "steemph" i grow and still growing, im really thankful to my brothers and sisters here. This is the best thing happens in my life for the 2nd time around. 1993 when God introduce deveerei to us and 2017 when God introduce deveerei again with steemit and steemph to our life.

May God bless us all and our family!


Hi @jassennessaj,

I will have to say 2017 has been full of challenges, disappointments and frustrations. I lost my job earlier this year and worse is I almost wanted to give up. I almost gave in to the negativity that surrounded me these past few months... but I guess God had other plans for me... You see, I have always been the type of person who looks at the brighter side of things... and I've never really had any major challenge in my life. Good thing I have a family who accepts me for who I am. I realized that God made me feel all the disappointment, all the frustration because so I can appreciate the smaller things that gives more meaning to life... The recent events in my life made me realize that I have so much love around me that I sometimes fail to appreciate... Now I know better... My greatest achievement is having the best family one can ever have...

My year so far has been blessed, but the best thing that ever happened to me was when my girlfriend said "yes", after much persuasion for about 4 months. This led me to achieving a ground breaking success in business. I became the youngest Most successful entrepreneur in my school with the support of my girlfriend. The truth is my motivation comes from my girl.


I wish that i can join to this contest haha