The Wonder of His Love

in #christmas3 years ago

There are several ornaments that are special to me, but this nail will always be a particular favorite. It reminds me that no matter how much commercialization there may be, Christmas is a celebration of vulnerability.

This vulnerability is a unique combination of thought and emotion that touches us in so many ways—driving down a street of brightly decorated homes, sitting quietly by a fire, taking in the joy on a child's face. Heartache, disappointment, and fear have taught us to guard our hearts. But in these extraordinary moments, we trust enough to expose our hearts to the majestic love of God. In His presence, we’re able to see the purpose of the greatest gift ever given: to save us, Jesus became us.

I can think of nothing more vulnerable than a baby born in a cave, surrounded by animals and poor shepherds. There He lay, infinite power surrendered to infinite love. The manger is an invitation to become vulnerable to that love, which doesn't only contain His birth, but His life, death, and resurrection.

To receive the gift of Jesus means living with your heart open, trusting Him to transform it—not just at Christmas, but every day. Vulnerability isn't always easy, but it's the only way to become all God sees you as. Every time you open your heart to Him, you’re becoming a living demonstration of Christmas, an increasingly powerful expression of the wonder of His love, joy, and peace.