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In less than 6 short hours #CHRONIKnCOFFEE goes LIVE on MSP WAVES RADIO

67b900c7-c985-4807-8cc0-7fa529c8cc5d (2).png Check the cool shot by my wife.

A fellow steemer and truth seeker @gregorypatrick is stopping by.

My wife has put together a real decent set of questions to ensure that the I GOT 5 ON IT interactive trivia contest this week is not a shit show,lol. So I tried to add something of value and slapped together the logo below. WIN!

I hope this post finds ALL of you well and ready for a kickass THORSday night! Come early and tune in to any of today's MSP WAVES RADIO shows like...The Hip Hop Shop with @nick.visco ...FULL FORCE RADIO with @crimsonclad
Listen at :
http://mspwaves.com/ DA OFFICIAL MinnowSupportProject Waves Radio WEBSITE
https://discord.gg/kNxM7T6 be a part of the audience HERE in Peace Abundance, Liberty discord



Dam, maybe my wife should do the show. It would probably get better ratings. HA!