A very beautiful church in a square of Stare Mesto, Prague

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In Prague we walked only on foot. Exceptionally and irrevocably. They left, that means, on the embankment. Next to the dancing house and decide: --- Where to spread the skis further? --- And look, at the end of the street two gothic towers of the cathedral glow. Are we going? Still nothing more to do. No sooner said than done. Cheshom through the city to a designated purpose. And this goal is the church of St. Ludmila. To tell the truth, we knew where we were going. The point on the map is indicated, and in plans the visit to this church was unequivocally. To go long. A very long time. With half an hour, if a quick step. Not less. We got a lot more, because on the way we turned to other different sights. Yes, and did not forget to go to the shops. Therefore, the cathedral was already quite tired. But there is joy in life. Before the cathedral, a neat green and clean square was smashed. With benches. On which we, in fact, and flopped. We sat. Puffed up. And only then they noticed that the doors of the church were closed to all bolts. As if not the church is a joy to all parishioners, and an impregnable fortress under siege from the enemy. We went to the door. They jerked the handle. Does not lend itself. --- Precisely closed. Two tourists even clung to the door with their faces. They try to make out something in the crack. Yes, where there ... Closed. How to eat is closed! We sat on the steps of the temple. And even photographed in the subject: --- I was here. But only. In general, this I later learned, the cathedral is opened only when the service is in it. If you take into account that the Czechs in general have very few believing nations, you understand: --- Most of the time the doors are locked. By the way, in Prague this is a trend. Approximately half of the churches in which we were breaking were stupidly closed. And the rest of us tried to take money for the entrance. I understand that the tourist business should flourish, but not in God's house? And in general: --- Well, all right. Not really what I wanted! Because this church by historical standards is a continuous replica. Back in the late nineteenth century on this place was buckwheat field and a zoo. And the church was built in Gothic style. And in fact, he is only one hundred and fifty years old. Not yet namolennoe place. No, not namolennoe. With this approach, it takes five hundred years to lead to the full Divine illumination. Oh, yes, I completely forgot to explain who Saint Ludmila is. Here, if short and compare in fact, it is almost an analogue of our Russian Holy Princess Olga. Like Olga in Russia, Lyudmila in the Czech Republic was the first to adopt Christianity. And she gave her faith to her grandson Vaclav. In Kiev, if you remember, Olga's grandson, Equal-to-the-Apostles Vladimir Rus baptized. Here and here is the same canoe.





They lived near the Cathedral of St. Ludmila, but they only got into it on the day of departure. This cathedral is more a place for parishioners than for curious tourists. The cathedral inside is beautiful, but it's not amazing with something unusual, stained glass windows were remembered. There are no organ concerts in the cathedral, but you can come to the service, you will hear the organ, but not the best and certainly not the oldest in Prague. Service on Sunday at 4.30 just passes, there are other days, but I do not know the exact time.


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