Cindicator (CND): Next Rally Could Deliver Profits

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The form and fit condition of any pattern and Elliott Waves is very simple; it has look right. That is the most subjective part of Technical Analysis. For instance, if it doesn't look impulsive; it probably isn't; although there are exceptions.

The below chart of Cindicator (CND) is displaying the right look countours of a 2/3 complete rounded bottom pattern. The right wall building should be initiated by a breakout and since the MACD has already done so; price is following. So, what's next?

Extrapolating the symmetry of the rounded blue price formation (blue arrow); the basin phase can be seen to be nearly complete. The impulse waves (white) could start slow as wave 2 is often lazy in time; but 3,4 and 5 should deliver some staggering profits.

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Does anyone else QQ and wish they got some cindicator tokens when you could afford to hold enough to access their projections. ?

I get their projections. Seem useful for active traders -- I'm not, so, doesn't help me. Still a fan and I own some CND. Could be HUGE and the economics of the token is very favorable to early investors.

Very nice project.... 👍

This is a very cool project. The accuracy of their A.I is not the best yet...but it's getting better. Thanks for the analysis Haejin. Still hoping you'll look at Stellar (XLM). ;)


Good! I've been a fan of this project for a while, and I use their bot. Accuracy dipped in Q1 but...we'll see how it goes.

Thank you dude for sharing about CND I was buy it 24 hundred shatoshi. Hope it will be go there. Dude can I get it soon??

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dude go fuck your self, fuck the irs and fuck you steemit-abuse

No longer supporting #SteemFlagRewards. They did not like what we provided for them.

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