Floating city in the sea

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Floating city in the seaIt can be said, the Waste of the Seas, or the oases of the sea. "Wesys of the Seas" is one of the largest ships in the world in terms of nobility and size. It is bigger than the 5th Titanic and is bigger than the 4th football field. So long as the largest ship in the world was Independence or Freedom of the Seas. Wesses of the Sees is 75 feet taller than these ships. So, the name of the world's largest and most luxurious ship is "Wesis of the Seas. The specialty of the ship has been divided into 7 parts. Central Park, flower, fitness center, entertainment center instinct. There are 12,000 trees and 56 trees. This ship is the world's first floating garden.


where is the ship currently.

I do not really understand this

thank for the true.

You well come Thank you for giving good advice

your comment is absolutely all write.

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