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RE: Martin's TravelAwesome Photo Series #11 - Cuba: A Land of Contradictions & Inspiration

I love Cuba and Havana I was there 25 years ago on my honeymoon and I was fascinated. I hope to be able to return to admire a splendid nature and the inhabitants always cheerful and jovial.


Certainly, makes for a great honeymoon I expect! :) Hope you had a nice one!

Unfortunately now I'm divorced I'll go back to Cuba even by myself! :)

Sorry to hear, but maybe all the more fun! hehe ;-) let me know in case you need any tips! I'll post more about Cuba soon.

thank you so much!!!
I'll follow you and I'll be very happy to see your photos and if I can ask you later to take some for my watercolor painting or oil on canvas ...

It looks like a city full of history and character. I would love to visit as well.