Cityscapephotography Penang Kek Lok Si Temple and Cityscape

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Here is my entry for @juliank contest :Cityscape Photography. Taken on vacation in Malaysia- The Kek Lok Si Temple is said to be the biggest Buddist Temple in Penang Malaysia, it overlooks the city of Penang and faces the sea. The temple area is actually divided into three zones. I found the Temple grounds, food and drink stands the a good start, the statues in the main hall being particular impressive, however, the mid section of temples gardens, the pagoda and the fourheavenly ings Pavillion were a delight to wander around . At the top an enormous stauue of the goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin, and even more gardens and temples rounded off a perfect day 20140309_141648.jpg

I know you are only expecting one photo, but it would be remiss of me as a holiday maker not to show you a little more of this huge temple site.
I made a wish and tied it to the wish tree in the temple


The giant Buddha


Josh sticks burn in front of the middle temple on the hill

All photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy K series camera20140309_130702.jpg phone
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I enjoy your pic ^^. Thanks.

Thank you...upvoted you

will post more next week from the Caribbean