Martin's TravelAwesome Photo Series #11 - Cuba: A Land of Contradictions & Inspiration

Rum, cigars, old cars, revolutionary history, beautiful Caribbean beaches and coral reefs. Mix it up altogether in and around one island and there you have it, Cuba! It is not a destination I merely ticked off, it is a destination I experienced. By drinking mojitos, smoking Monte Cristo cigars and dance salsa in the capital called Havana (... but I did much more!). An extensive photo report from my trip made in summer of 2011.

All photography in this article is original and mine

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Cubans have a passion for life

Experiencing authentic Cuban culture can only be experienced if you stay with local people. There are many so called 'casa particulares' where you can do homestays, a wonderful experience. The romantic picture of Cuba can then really be experienced, only outside of the touristic Habana Vieja. These casa particulares usually know each other and operate some sort of network, that can be really helpful to navigate your way around: there is always a next place that is recommended just for you!

Unbelievable! In this country there is no gasoline, but cars are all over the road. There's no food, but everybody is cooking dinner. They have no money, but everybody is dancing and drinking rum! - Cuba Junky




Life on the Streets - in a positive way!

Cubans spend most of their time in their neighborhood streets, where they play, work, and enjoy time with family and friends. I particularly loved the contrasts on the streets. You see houses crumbled, but also beautifully renovated buildings in their historic style, people's poverty but at the same time a street full of music and liveliness, full of joy. Parades like the one you see below are in fact very common in Havana.








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every country is very different i want to visit alll :)

Nice photo

Buenas fotografías

Your photo series are so bundle in photo comic

Interesting impressions of cuba, really a wonderful country. We've been there 2 years ago. You mentioned the beautiful coral reefs, have you been diving (or snorkeling) in cuba?
Jardines de la Reina in cuba is one or the best diving sites to see sharks by the way ;)

I love Cuba and Havana I was there 25 years ago on my honeymoon and I was fascinated. I hope to be able to return to admire a splendid nature and the inhabitants always cheerful and jovial.

Certainly, makes for a great honeymoon I expect! :) Hope you had a nice one!

Unfortunately now I'm divorced I'll go back to Cuba even by myself! :)

Sorry to hear, but maybe all the more fun! hehe ;-) let me know in case you need any tips! I'll post more about Cuba soon.

thank you so much!!!
I'll follow you and I'll be very happy to see your photos and if I can ask you later to take some for my watercolor painting or oil on canvas ...

It looks like a city full of history and character. I would love to visit as well.

We really liked your photos. The vehicles are very peculiar, especially the blue one that looks like a miniature. The city has an air of old, vintage, is charming, in the photos we can see how the city although it looks clean in its streets, the structures are deteriorated. We believe that it is a very good photographic work that reflects one of the faces of Cuba. We invite you to show us more pictures of this city, we are interested in seeing it. We liked your publication and we are following you to find out about your updates, thank you for giving us this beautiful trip, you have made our lives happy.
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interesting :-)

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Sorry i had to

I have a soul of an 9gagger

Wow! Very interesting great old city and happy lively Cubans.
Thanks for sharing beautiful photos and knowledge.
I love it!

i'll add this to my bucket list ;)

You should! What else is on your bucket list at this moment?

Great travel article! I would love to visit there someday.

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I have never been to Cuba. But your photos speak a lot. Even now I can say that it feels ancient, classic, but beautiful.

My fav pic is the second one. I feel like I am being sucked into the scene and experience walking between the buildings.

Thank you.

Gracias a tu post: Martin's TravelAwesome Photo Series #12 llegué a este. Buena selección de fotos! Excelente todo lo que das a conocer, gracias por compartir

Amazing post! I love it. Checkout my new post: and let me know if you like it :)

Beautiful photographs full of history and wanting to highlight the beauty of Cuba.

Very interseting.

Hola! You shared my dream country.I haven't gone yet but maybe this summer ı will go to in Cuba

You said :

Unbelievable! In this country there is no gasoline, but cars are all over the road. There's no food, but everybody is cooking dinner. They have no money, but everybody is dancing and drinking rum! - Cuba Junky

I know people who are living in Cuba always happy.They dont have money but always happy.We -living in other countries- happy with money because the world is ruled by capitalism,unfortunately! I hope, one day we will manage to world without money.

Great photos :)

Me encantaron las fotografías, lograste capturar la esencia de la isla

Wow really great post and i love the photos are great thnx for share it with us

I love Cuba, it is a beautiful country with beautiful people, an interesting past, travel in the year 2000 and in 2016 I went back to make a documentary! Cuba is a country that I would recommend to anyone. good pictures, great article and photographs, sorry my english.

Cuba seems great place I like your cityscapephotography:)

Havana-Cuba one of the worlds most exciting cities to visit!

Enjoy, have fun! :)

Boss this are outstanding. you are really good photographer. your pictures that you have shared show your photography talent.

You combine photography and travelog text so beautifully. Amazing, bro!

This caught my eye, particularly:

"In this country there is no gasoline, but cars are all over the road. There's no food, but everybody is cooking dinner. They have no money, but everybody is dancing and drinking rum!"

Is there a huge underground economy? I found the same type of thing while visiting Ukraine years ago, where the average salary was $50/month, and the average rent a bit higher, and yet everyone seemed to be OK....???

wow i love Cuba too..

Küba için yeterli derecede fotoğraf yok ancak albümünde tebrik için yeterli düzey de, teşekkür ederim

Great article and photographs, thank you for sharing - I too would like to visit Cuba in the future.

wow what fascinating, we have heard so many contradictory myths of Cuba that we do not really know the reality of it, those photographs show me a rich place, rich in diversity, history, culture, Cuba is simply an indisputable beauty

Stunning photos. Thanks for charing 😉

That blue BMW is so confusing looking , I got stuck staring at it for while , cool photo!

wooww, your photo is absolutely perfect, and I love your photo !!

We lovers photography :)

I dream to visit Cuba. It is a country of bright colors and unforgettable impressions. In Mexico, I saw the most amazing sea in my life, I think that in Cuba it is unforgettable...

For sure Cuba is in top 5 Must to visit destinations!

Cuba is, undoubtedly, a beautiful place, it is a sad thing that its people must live a reality very different from what tourists know, but the images that you managed to capture are really beautiful.

La habana cuba con sus colecciones de carros antiguos , cerveza cristal , habana club y mojitos , su alegría y bailes de salsa casino contagiosos y una rica comida cochino en vara con congris y yuca.

Cool !!! Cuba It's one of the places I want to visit. (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

where i want to be 💓 cuba 💓

people are really happy. I just saw on TV. I watched in the documents.people were always happy.
it is true that mu people are happy in mu cuba

I just love this city "Cuba" because of its white sugar like beaches. It just amazing. Their lifestyle is good enough for somebody to follow

Great Post!
I have had a wonderful time going through it.
Beautiful photographies!

Wow… terrific pictures. They and your travelogue make me want to visit Cuba.

I want to visit Cuba at least one time in my life. Because, it's the country of great man Fidel Castro .

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